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They say that you've got to dress for the job you want. Well, sometimes you dressing for the job you want to pretend to have is pretty fun as well! Because throwing on the uniform of a firefighter can make you feel a lot more heroic than your everyday outfits, even if what you do is still heroic in its own way. Check out our selection of uniforms to find your position of interest this Halloween.
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Adult White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume Update Main
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Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
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Women's White Astronaut Costume
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Inflatable Astronaut Costume
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Spaceship Sandwich Board Costume
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Adult Rocket Ship Costume
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White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
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Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
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Women's Let's Jet Costume
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Womens Space Cadet Costume
Women's Astronaut Jumpsuit
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Sexy Astronaut Costume
Adult Blast Off Rocket Costume
Plus Size Women's Astronaut Jumpsuit
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Plus Size White Astronaut Costume
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Womens Plus Size Space Command Costume
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Trying on a different profession might be hard to do in real life but when it comes to costume parties, it's a breeze. No need to go back to college or quit your day job, simply zip into a new look for the night. A women's police uniform allows you to take on faux authority for an evening without having to sit down and do loads of paperwork at the end of your shift. Because the police work that the public doesn't see is not so glamorous.

Now, most people don't want to become prisoners from the early 1900s. Even if you did want to become a prisoner from the early 1900s, you wouldn't be able to unless you had a time machine. And if you did use a time machine to become a member of the romanticized chain gang, that would be a flagrant misuse of that machine's powers. How dare you! Instead, you can team up with your buddies to wear the stripes of those old-fashioned convicts in the modern era. It's all the fun without the complicated historical strife; how convenient!?

Uniforms happen to be a great option for costume parties beyond the limits of Halloween. For instance, when you dress up as a referee on Halloween night, you can wear that costume again for your Superbowl party! 

Now, as a costume company, we can't overlook the potential of Mardi Gras. Carnival parades and parties are absolutely perfect for group costumes. If you're putting together a look, consider group costumes that use a uniformed theme. For instance, put together a Space Force of your own with our selection of astronaut costumes in a wide range of styles and sizes. Or you and your pals could have a lot of fun with sailor costumes, religious costumes such as nuns and monks, or circus costumes! Groups have so many unique options when you focus on uniforms!

Classic uniform costumes are pretty well known. You could probably name a few. You'll find fits and styles that fit your body type when you look into classics like an adult school uniform or French Maid ensemble. You'll find traditional looks that might have been found at a scandalous costume party of the 1970s as well as wet look styled French Maid costumes and uniquely cut pleated skirts and blazers that are curve-friendly and of the new Millenium. 

Uniforms are a great way to ensure a grand adventure is at foot. Or make sure you have an air of authority at your next costume party. Or you can simply take on the celebrity chef personality you've always wanted while introducing your Halloween hors d'oeuvres. Who knew you could make your chocolate dipped pretzels bats so interesting with a chef's hat and a French accent! Whether you're looking to go back in time, embrace the new space age, dive down under the sea, or become a life-saving professional with a tough personality but a heart of gold; this collection of adult uniforms has all the costumes you'll ever need. Monster