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Tinker Bell is now best known as the unofficial mascot of The Walt Disney Company, but she started out as Peter Pan's closest friend. Her name is officially two words in J.M. Barrie's play, novel, and all authorized adaptations. It is often misspelled as a single word, and sometimes has an unnecessary "e" added to the end.    

Just who is Tinker Bell? Barrie described her as a common fairy who mends pots and pans. Sometimes she is helpful and kind to Peter, whom she loves, but at other times she's vindictive and ill-tempered. Her voice sounds, to humans unacquainted with fairy language, like a tinkling bell. In stage productions of Peter Pan, she is shown only as a darting light. Her characteristic phrase is "You silly ass!", represented as four bell tones followed by a bassoon note. She doesn't have a physical body or speak in actual human words until later movie adaptations. 

Walt Disney brought Tinker Bell to animated life in Peter Pan in 1953. She still doesn't say anything, but finally has a body. When she flies she leaves a trail of sparkly pixie dust that lets humans fly, too. Our licensed Tinker Bell costumes are glittery, so you, too, can spread pixie dust. Join with a friend or partner in a Peter Pan costume for a couple's idea. For a group, add Captain Hook, Wendy or Tiger Lily. 

Tink has recently spun off into her own series of movies, set in Pixie Hollow which is part of Neverland. She has many new adventures with a whole cast of new friends. We have a costume that lets your daughter become Silvermist.  

You can choose which version of Tink you want to be. Then, just think happy thoughts and BELIEVE!