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Solar System Costumes

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Need a costume that's out of this world? You're in just the right place! Shop our selection of solar system costumes for your next event, and you're sure to shine. Light up the room with a moon costume or add some warmth to the space with a sun costume. No matter what you choose, you'll be the star of the show!
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Adult Galileo Galilei Costume
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Adult Inflatable Sun Costume
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Adult Inflatable Moon Costume
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Adult Inflatable Earth Costume Main UPD
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Sunny Days Costume-update
Women's Pluto's Princess Costume
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Women's Cosmos Goddess
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Women's Plus Size Cosmos Goddess Costume
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Women's Sun Goddess Costume
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Women's Holographic Keyhole Bodysuit Costume
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Adult Rocket Ship Costume
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Spaceship Sandwich Board Costume
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Adult Sun Costume
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Pastease Silver Star Pasties

Are you as fascinated with space as we are? For most of human history, people have wondered about what lies beyond our planet. And although we've made some discoveries, there is still plenty to explore! Many of us have dreamed of walking on the moon or finding extraterrestrial life. And while others of us are content to stay with our feet firmly on the ground, we're always looking at the sky, taking in the beauty of the universe.

Whether you'd like to display your love of the galactic bodies that surround us or you're creating an educational program, we think solar system costumes really add to the fun! After all, who needs to visit the moon when you can simply become it with one of our full moon costumes? And why go through all the time and effort to graduate from space academy when you can simply put on an astronaut costume?

Besides, even if you end up in space, there are still some places that humans just can't reach. For example, we probably won't invent the technology to visit the sun within our lifetimes. So why not bring your own light to the room and wear a sun costume instead?

Or perhaps you'd rather look like someone who studies the skies rather than someone who travels through the cosmos. Fulfill your dream with our Galileo Galilei costume! Fortunately, if you share his belief that the Sun is the center of our solar system, people in our era are much less likely to call you crazy. Just grab that telescope you invented, and you'll be ready to research!

Of course, you can always take a more mystical approach to outer space costumes, too. Perhaps you're more comfortable as a sun goddess, a witchy astronomer, or an alien creature from beyond our skies. We have costumes and accessories to fuel your imagination—and remember, just because we haven't found something yet doesn't mean that it can't exist!

As we like to say, "Accessories bring a costume from good to fantastic!" Don't forget to pick up a planet purse or moon hat to finish off your far-out ensemble. Or, add some colorful tights to an Earth costume tunic for a little extra charm. Not to mention, our moon costume hat is great for any space-themed occasion!

While there's nothing wrong with flying solo, don't forget that the solar system is, in fact, a system! Shop our selection and create your own array of however many planets and moons you want. (We won't even bring up the whole Pluto debate.) When you wear a solar system costume, no matter if you're dressed as a planet, moon, sun, or even an alien, you're sure to shine! Monster