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Scarlet Witch Costumes

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Fans of the Avengers are going to want to consider Scarlet Witch costumes for Halloween, and you can find the latest WandaVision Halloween costumes right here. We feature the Scarlet Witch comic costume and the Scarlet Witch movie costume to get your cosplay started!
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Red Spandex Catsuit
Red Gogo Boots for Women
Womens Black Gogo Boots Update Main
Elbow Length Red Gloves
Made By Us
Red Tights
Black Shiny Leggings w/ Faux Front Fly
Made By Us
Adult Crimson Riding Cloak update1
Made By Us
Long Wavy Hair Red
Made By Us
Sexy Burgundy Wig
Red Lace Fingerless Gloves
Women's Goth Boots
Gothic Lace Women's Cape
Adult Carmen Sandiego Wig
Made By Us
Fuchsia Tights
Black Patent Over the Knee Boot
Womens Long Wavy Red Wig
Coming Soon
50s Housewife Costume
Sold Out
Deluxe Scarlet Witch Women's Costume
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When talking about Scarlet Witch costumes, it's important to know which version of the Scarlet Witch you've got in mind. Are we talking Scarlet Witch from the Avengers movies? Or a Scarlet Witch comic costume from her the golden era of Marvel Comics? Or, perhaps, we're talking about one of the outfits from the groundbreaking WandaVision television series? It's important to know which version of the Scarlet Witch you'd like to be for Halloween, or at least to have an inkling. But there's no need to rank them or decide which outfit is best. Because they're all awesome!

When it comes to the Scarlet Witch that is most well-known among casual fans, it would undoubtedly be Wanda Maximoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She played a big part in multiple Avengers movies and easily became a fan favorite following her introduction in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And, if you're one of those fans yourself, you will love our Avengers Endgame Scarlet Witch Costume. A great recreation of the outfit worn by Wanda in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, it features her signature scarlet red jacket with wet-look faux leather fabric. It also includes a sexy jumpsuit designed to look like a sleeveless top and wet-look pants. It even comes with a pair of fingerless gloves so you can work your "magic" when cosplaying as the Scarlet Witch!

As if the movie awesomeness wasn't enough, MCU fans were in for a real treat with the debut of the WandaVision streaming series. The acclaimed show created an alternate reality for Wanda and Vision, thanks to her amazing powers, and we got to see the pair go on sitcom-styled adventures through the course of the show's run. In the Halloween episode, we even get to see Wanda decked out in a truly iconic costume. Her retro Scarlet Witch comic costume! Scarlet Witch, of course, has a storied legacy in Marvel comics, starting out alongside Magneto in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before eventually landing as a member of the Avengers alongside Iron Man. Her outfit changed plenty of times in the comics but the costume we see in WandaVision was a perfect recreation of the classic look: a red bodysuit, pink tights, gloves, cape, and a pointed headpiece. Our Deluxe Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume brings that style to life in a Halloween costume you can wear for trick-or-treating yourself!

If you're a fan looking for a Wandavision Halloween costume or want to create a cosplay outfit from the show, your options aren't limited to the classic Halloween getup. Because we have some great costume choices you can use to cosplay the outfits from the different eras featured in each episode. Take a look at our 50s housewife costume or one of our 70s costumes to get a base outfit you can customize to your liking. For Scarlet Witch new costume cosplay, of course, you're also going to need to have red hair. No problem if you have naturally red locks, but if you don't, we have some premium red wigs to complete whichever outfit you choose. You can shop all of those costume ideas right here to get the Scarlet Witch fun started!