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Sometimes you want to get caught red-handed… Maybe not for stealing cookies from the cookie jar or anything more nefarious, but definitely for nailing your Halloween costume. So, whether you’re dressing like a favorite superhero or getting in character for your next karaoke performance of Rock Lobster you’ve come to the right place for all your red gloves needs! With everything from red satin gloves to red boxing gloves, we have you covered!
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Child Red Gloves
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Elbow Length Red Gloves
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Red Gloves
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Red Gloves

Plus Red Gloves
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Adult Red Superhero Gloves
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Long Bloody Gloves
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DC Comics The Flash Adult Gloves
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Red Lace Fingerless Gloves
Child Red Superhero Gloves
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Lobster Claws
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If you had to pick a color that implied power, red would probably come to mind. From stop lights to superheroes the color is imposing and effective. Even lobsters, with their red shells, would probably look a little less intimidating if they came in a softer color—though that might have something to do with their claws as well.

Long story short though, when you’re looking to boost your Halloween costume’s impact, look no further than red accessories. And if you’re in need of some extra power for your “talk to the hand” moment look no further than our selection of red gloves!

Dressing like your favorite Marvel character this Halloween? Stop everyone in their tracks with your perfectly polished look by adding a pair of our red superhero gloves. Whether you pick out a pair of Made by Us red satin gloves or a pair of Spiderman gloves for both you and your kiddo, you’ll look ready to defend against any approaching danger.

Need something even more impressive? Give Hellboy’s Hand of Doom a try! Or maybe slip into a lobster costume paired with our lobster gloves and see how much more effective pincers can be to fingers. If that’s not cutting it or you need something a little more realistic, maybe some red boxing gloves will do the trick. After all the practice you’ve put in the ring, if the gloves aren’t enough, your actual power and boxing ensemble should catch people’s attention at least.

Decide if you’re going to be on the naughty list or nice list this holiday season by selecting the gloves to match! Something sleek and a bit spooky would do wonders for your devil or demon costume and will speak volumes to Santa about whether or not you’re getting coal for hoarding candy. Of course, you could grab a pair of faux fur hemmed red gloves too and pretend to be Mr. or Mrs. Claus themselves! Then, whether you hold onto all the Halloween candy or share it with the neighborhood at least the magical winter couple will feel flattered by your costume homage and you’ll be sure to gain that spot on the nice list.

Getting caught red-handed never sounds like a good thing. But when you’re wearing a pair of the red gloves from our selection with your Halloween costume, you’re going to love the way you feel! So, whether you’re after Iron Man’s gauntlet or something sassy, red, and lacy we have the costume gloves you need on hand! Didn’t find them this time? Make sure you check back often and give our other fabulous colored gloves options a look as well! Monster