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Professor McGonagall Halloween Costumes

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Transform your Halloween with a Professor McGonagall costume from our selection. Whether you need a substitute until you’re a full-fledged Animagus or you’re just hoping to show the intimidation factor needed to keep a few trick or treaters in line, a Minerva McGonagall costume should do the trick! So, choose your favorite McGonagall robe from our selection and experience how the formidable witch gets things done.
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You’re here for 1 of 2 reasons. Either you love and know everything about Minerva McGonagall, or you’re a part of a Harry Potter group costume and got cast as her. Okay, it might be a combination of the 2. Whichever it is, we’ve got what you need! From the outfit to the trivia, you’ve come to the right place to prep for another magical Halloween!

If you’re here because you admire the Transfiguration professor as much as the internet loves cats, you’ve got everything you need. Go forth and choose the McGonagall costume or accessory that lets you bring her to life. If you’re here but don’t know a thing about the Hogwarts legend, keep reading for some soundbites you can quip and ideas on how best to portray the beloved teacher!

Minerva McGonagall is known for her severe look, usually stern demeanor, impressive magical skill, and fierce Gryffindor loyalty. All her traits combine to make her character the perfect choice for any new or familiar Harry Potter fan to dress as on Halloween. Let us illustrate a few examples!

Not a Harry Potter expert but a major sports fan? McGonagall and her flowy sleeves wouldn’t dare miss raising a triumphant fist at a Quidditch match. And while you may be rattling off basketball or soccer stats instead while flaunting her elaborate witches’ robes, you can suggest the half-muggle witch may have been a fan of both in her childhood.

Totting the children around for Halloween this year? A few little wizards can be a handful for even the most experienced parent. But Professor McGonagall’s presence calms chaos with ease. Join your trick or treaters’ fun as McGonagall in her intimidating black ensemble. While wearing a costume that features sharp shoulders and delicate accents, your kiddos will know to be on their best behavior while still enjoying their sugar-filled night!

Hand the power down a generation with a Minerva McGonagall costume for kids! Every group needs a level-headed leader, and if Hermione Granger isn’t available, McGonagall is a replacement even the sensible woman herself would bet on!

Are you attending a Harry Potter theme party but don’t want to be stuck with just a Harry Potter costume? A McGonagall ensemble has you taken care of! With the looks available in our selection, you’ll have the means to dress as countless spooky characters. Use the simple black dress to create other witchy or ghoulish personas. Give McGonagall’s look a makeover by pairing the billowy robe with other colorful outfits beneath it. Or mix and match each piece with other accessories and develop your own powers of Transfiguration! Monster