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Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

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Bring Halloween Town home with one of our Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes! Crown yourself the Pumpkin king in a Jack Skellington costume or bring everyone’s favorite rag doll to life with a Sally Nightmare Before Christmas costume. With everything from Oogie Boogie and his mischief makers to Jack and Sally costumes, you and yours can relive the spooky fun of the Nightmare Before Christmas!
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What would it be like to live in Halloween Town? Would being surrounded by ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches and monsters all the time be terrifying or terrific fun? According the Jack Skellington, it can all start seem a bit routine after a while. When the opportunity arises to experience a new holiday, he is eager to experience it and convinces his fellow residents to all participate as well.

Meanwhile a sweet rag doll woman named Sally, while finding herself attracted to Jack, is also worried by his plans. While she can see that Jack's intentions are good, she is worried that things are happening that he hasn't anticipated that will result in disaster.

With a Jack Skellington costume, you can become the idealistic character that ultimately is able to make everything right. Or perhaps you're more of a Sally. With a Sally costume you can try to keep Jack out of trouble. Either way, you can enjoy the magic of A Nightmare Before Christmas anytime you want with these Nightmare Before Christmas costumes!

Pair up with a friend to strut Jack and Sally costumes for Halloween this year. How To

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes

Welcome to Halloween Town! As a beloved classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas remains a firm favorite for both Halloween and Christmas festivities. Who doesn't love a film that beautifully combines holiday cheer with a uniquely eerie twist?

For fans of this Disney film, we offer a range of costumes that perfectly capture the movie's enchanting charm. Whether you see yourself as Jack Skellington, Sally, the Mayor, or the mischievous trio Lock, Shock, and Barrel, we've got a costume for you. Unleash your ghost side, let your inner monster roam free, or celebrate a storybook tale that continues to captivate audiences year after year.

Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor Costumes

Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor Costume

Would you be surprised to learn that of all the classic characters, the Dual-Faced Mayor is among the favorites!? Is it his distinct look with his multiple twisting faces or the boisterous attitude in the way he talks about Halloween? All we know is that this costume is ideal for any fan looking to bring the Mayor's anxious charm to life.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Costumes

Lock Shock and Barrel Costumes

The mischievous trio, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, bring a unique charm to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Are they devious characters serving Oogie Boogie? Are they human kids who love trick or treating so much that they had to become part of the fun forever? Find out for yourself by picking your favorite or creating the ultimate group costume!

Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes

Jack and Sally Costumes

As the stars of the show, Jack Skellington and Sally are iconic Halloween Town residents. But more than that, they have a signature style that we absolutely love. From Jack's transformations from the Pumpkin King to Sandy Claws to Sally's unique patchwork dress, they are recognizable at a glance and make the perfect couple, too.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Accessories

If you're looking to add the finishing touch to your Nightmare Before Christmas costume or simply want to show your love for the film, our accessories are perfect. From character masks to themed jewelry, we offer a variety of items that capture the essence of this hauntingly beautiful movie.

Put on an NBC Mask, step into the shoes of the Mayor or accessorize your costume with other character-inspired items. Whether you're attending a Halloween party or a movie-themed event, our Nightmare Before Christmas props will bring a slice of Halloween Town to your celebration.

Lock Mask from Nightmare Before Christmas

Lock Mask

Stepping out as the self-proclaimed leader of the trio, Lock is quite the character. Embrace his devious devil-like appeal this Halloween with our Lock mask from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Its striking design ensures you'll capture the essence of Halloween Town's troublesome kid.

Barrel Mask from Nightmare Before Christmas

Barrel Mask

Barrel, the youngest of the mischievous trio, is known for his skeletal grin. With our Barrel mask from The Nightmare Before Christmas, you can capture the essence of this mirthful character with ease. Whether you're on the hunt for treats or you're ready to play a delightful trick, a toothy grin is the way to go!

Shock Mask from Nightmare Before Christmas

Shock Mask

The oldest and the only gal of the trio, Shock is known for her curiously long face. Like an eerie Mona Lisa, folks are always wondering what is hiding behind the disapproving frown. With our Shock mask from The Nightmare Before Christmas, you can bring out your inner witch and answer the question!

Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor Mask

Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor Mask

Looking to bring out your dual persona this Halloween? Our Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor mask is just the accessory for you. It perfectly captures the Mayor's unique two-faced design. Which is your favorite? All smiles or frantic panic? You won't have to choose when you can flip both ways.

Jack Skellington Makeup Tutorial

First, you need to take a glue stick and glide it over each eyebrow. Outline your entire eye area with black eyeliner. Create sideways teardrop shapes and fill them in with black eyeliner and shadow to keep the makeup from creasing. Blot white cream makeup all over your face. Next, take your black cream makeup again and a thin brush and drag it around each eye to create a shadow. Hollow out cheekbones with black cream makeup and beauty sponge. Now take the thinnest brush you have, dip it in the black cream, and draw a thin like from each corner of the mouth. Finally, make small lines along the upper and lower lips to create the illusion of teeth!

Sally Makeup Tutorial

Start by priming your face with your favorite makeup primer. Take your white cream makeup and blue cream makeup and mix them together to create the best shade for your face. Once you’ve created the desired shade, apply it to your face. Be sure to use a setting powder over it so the cream doesn’t crease. Use black eyeliner to create shadows around the corner of each eye. Fill in your lids with a bright blue shadow. Now take a lighter blue shadow and blend it into the bright blue. Next, grab black liquid liner, use it on the top lids, and wing it out. Add some fake lashes to make your eyes pop. Use the same liquid liner to create stitches on the corners of your mouth. Illustrate the same stitches around the face and neck. Use a navy shadow and hollow out your cheeks and use it to shade the sides of your face. Finally, fill in your lips with bright red lipstick, outline your lips with a black pencil, and you’ve finished your Nightmare Before Christmas Sally makeup. Monster