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Movie / TV Inflatable Costumes

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We all have our favorite movies and shows. Wouldn't it be great to also have an easy costume to jump into and extend the fun? Well, thanks to these Inflatable TV and Movie costumes, you'll be able to do just that! Jump into our collection of Inflatable Character costumes and make your own memories! From Minions and Movie Monsters to classic Cartoon characters, we have a ton of great costume ideas. Scroll through and find your favorite!
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Adult Inflatable Ghostbusters Stay Puft Costume
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Adult Inflatable Dipsy Teletubbies Costume
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Adult Inflatable Po Teletubbies Costume
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Adult's Inflatable Pokey Costume
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Adult Inflatable Gumby Costume
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Adult Inflatable Big Bird Costume
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Movie and TV characters will always be some of our favorite costumes. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be pretty cumbersome. There might be a lot of different components to the costumes or they might not look exactly like the animated characters that we've come to love.

Fortunately, we have these Inflatable costumes that can help fix all that! Inflatable costumes are surprisingly easy and fun to wear. The jumpsuits are printed to look just like the characters you know and love and feature elastic cuffs for a secure fit.

Of course, the inflatable part is the real fun! All you need to do is power the fan up with batteries and activate it. In no time, the fan fills up the costume to give it form. Mesh screens, plastic, or elastic openings allow you visibility while you are out and about and when you're ready to take a break, it is easy to pop the top down for a snack!

So the next step is just figuring out which characters you love the most! The Minions are an instant favorite and with an Inflatable Minion costume, you not only have their colorful look but also their unusual shape! Practice your babble and bounce around all evening. You're sure to get a ton of smiles.

Perhaps other cartoon characters are more your style? Well, with our Inflatable cartoon character costumes, everyone from Spongebob to Gumby and our friends at Hotel Transylvania can be running amok! Of course, we haven't forgotten your favorite Pokemon characters, either. Catch 'em all in Inflatable form!

Whether you love the Transformers, Godzilla, or the Ghostbusters, we have the Inflatable Movie costumes you're going to love. Heck, bring them all together for the most epic movie mashup that has ever been! Live larger than life with these inflatable costume ideas and make this Halloween amazing! Monster