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They are creepy and kooky. Not to mention mysterious and spooky. But without their powerful matriarch, they’re not altogether ooky, that Addams family. Bring your group look together with a Morticia Addams costume available in our collection! With everything from a simple black Morticia Addams dress costume to a to-die-for sexy Morticia Addams costume, we have every Halloween diva covered!
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Addams Family Morticia Women's Costume
Morticia Addams Costume
Black Eyelashes
Gothic Lace Women's Cape
Black Matte Liquid Lipstick
Coming Soon
Wicked Doll Makeup Kit
Sold Out
Patent Leather Mary Janes
Sold Out
Spider Head Piece
Sold Out
Long Black and White Streaked Wig
Sold Out

You’re not one to dress cute for Halloween. In fact, the idea disgusts you. Even babies in bunny costumes don’t get a pass from you. Halloween is for the dark and eerie, not the bright and cheery. You prefer a gothic vibe. Something eye-catching and interesting without being over the top. A character you can really relate to; someone like Morticia Addams.

While Gomez may be the head of the family, there’s no doubt Morticia swings the ax when it comes to decision-making. She’s the homemaker you strive to be with her solemn museum of a home. Morticia knows that even the babies should be spooky when appropriate. And on top of it all, she’s absolutely enchanting with her sleek wardrobe and shiny black hair.

Become the character you were meant to play with an Addams Family Morticia costume from our selection! Not sure which alluring option works best for you? Continue reading to learn a few ideas about how we’d use our Morticia Addams Halloween costumes. Then pop on over to our Addams Family costumes page to bring the whole mob together!

Our selection of adult Morticia Addams costumes is here to get you looking just like the mysterious matron. And with options from a seductive lace number to a curve-hugging plus size Morticia Addams costume, we have something for everyone. Let your dead-on impersonation shine with our exclusive Morticia costume. In the simple black silhouette, you’ll have every opportunity to use your own bewitching personality to bring Morticia to life.

Tap into Morticia’s sultry side, or enhance your own, with one of our glitzy options. Whether velvet and sequins make your moody heart skip a beat or a bit of satin and lace is more your spookiness vibe, our available Morticia costumes will have your friends calling cara mia all night.

Have a kooky kid that adores the Addams’ mama? Pick up the costume that lets them try their hand at commanding a room. In a full-length black dress of their own, your child is sure to feel the same power Morticia wields.

Already have a dress worthy of Morticia? Pair your ensemble with accessories from our selection! With a silky black wig or a gorgeous black hood, you’ll look ready to steal into the night.

Whether it’s a family affair, a couple’s look, or you’re just looking to strut your stuff as a beloved dark diva, and our available Morticia costumes are here to help! Pair your favorite Morticia look with Gomez, Wednesday, or even Cousin Itt with costumes from our Addams Family selection. Or fly solo into any costume party that’s worthy of this queen of the shadows.