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Prepare for battle with our Halloween knight helmets! Crafted to evoke the spirit of the medieval era, our costume helmets feature intricate designs and sturdy construction. Buy a crusader or medieval knight helmet to ensure you'll be ready to defend the kingdom in style this Halloween!
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This Halloween, elevate your warrior attire with our collection of knight costume helmets! Our armory is stocked with everything from the gleaming visor of a silver knight helmet to the imposing presence of a crusader knight helmet.

Battlers of all ages can step into the role of a gallant knight with our adult and kids' knight helmets. Each helmet is designed to complement your costume with a touch of realism —crafted from molded plastic or metallic fabric, they offer both durability and a dash of panache.

Buy a silver knight costume helmet for a headpiece that shimmers with chivalry and honor, reflecting the spirit of the medieval heroes of yore. It's perfect for those seeking to make a noble statement on the spookiest of nights or at the most rancorous parties.

For those who champion the righteous cause, our crusader knight helmets with cross motifs are just what you need to complete your Templar Knight costume. Pair it with a cloak and sword, and you're ready to embark on a quest for the Holy Grail—or at least for the best-dressed prize at the party.

Don't shy away from the darker tales of knighthood with a black knight helmet. It’s the perfect accessory for portraying a mysterious knight with a past shrouded in secrecy or for taking on the persona of a rogue warrior on a moonlit path. Just imagine yourself clad in dark armor, traversing the party scene with roguish intentions!

Our medieval knight helmets are a nod to the past, with historical details carefully adapted into an easy-to-wear costume accessory. Whether you’re attending a Halloween bash or a medieval fair, these helmets are sure to command attention and respect.

Be sure to take a look at the visor knight helmets in our collection. These helms recreate the gear of a noble jousting knight but also offer practicality. You can lift the visor for easier communication when declaring your noble intentions or when it’s time to enjoy some Halloween treats!

Take a gander at the knight helmet options we offer, and then prepare for a journey back to the days of chivalry and adventure. Our helmets will help you transform into the bravest hero of the medieval realm, ready to stand out at any Halloween event. Don your helmet, raise your sword, and let the tales of your heroism spread far and wide this Halloween! Monster