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Jay and Silent Bob Costumes

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Bring the dynamically depraved duo to life with our Jay and Silent Bob costumes! Whether you want to don the beanie and become the lewd-mouthed Jay, or you want to pack an arsenal of gadgets inside your trenchcoat like Silent Bob, we have outfits that will fit all of your needs! And the best part? They're all Made by Us, so their quality is top-notch!
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Jay and Silent Bob Jay Costume Upd 2
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Silent Bob Plus Size Mens Costume 1
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Bluntman Adult Plus Size Costume 1
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Silent Bob Men's Costume 1
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Blunt Master Costume
Men's Bluntman Costume 1
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Jay and Silent Bob Buddy Christ Ugly Sweater Main Upd
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Men's Chronic Costume 1
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Child Monkey Costume
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Buddy Christ Statue Figure
Jay and Silent Bob Jay Wig
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Mooby Pom Winter Hat
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Silent Bob Wig and Beard Kit 1
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The Big Smoke Joint
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Snootchie Bootchies! Who’s your favorite pair of dopey dealers from Leonardo, New Jersey? We’re talking, of course, about the one, the only, Jay and Silent Bob. You know them from all your favorite movies in the View Askewniverse, highly regarded flicks like Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. But we’re here today to talk about perhaps their most famous film appearance, 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

That’s because we’ve teamed up with Miramax to bring the costume world its first and only entry from Kevin Smith’s film franchise. These Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back costumes! That’s right, these Jay and Silent Bob costumes are officially licensed and ready to bring your fondest memories of these zany characters to life. Provided, of course, for one simple requirement. You’ve got someone to wear the costumes with you! Maybe you’re skinny and your buddy is more slightly rotund. Or vice versa! It’s all good in the hood, as long as you team up with a friend or buddy to play the other character. We can’t even imagine what would happen if Jay or Silent Bob showed up at a party without the other!

Our detailed costumes perfectly capture the character’s appearances from the debaucherous 2001 movie. Starting with our Jay Costume, you can see that our costume designers created a costume ensemble that mimics the costume worn by actor Jason Mewes in the film. Starting with a black t-shirt, screen printed with the Berseker wordmark, this set includes a yellow windbreaker style jacket with an oversized hood and gray side panels. The black pants are also windbreaker style, with red and white stripes down the side to mimic the apparel worn in the movie. This costume ensemble also includes a black beanie hat, and if you don’t have long blonde hair, don’t fret. Because we sell that too! It’s available separately, and ready to help complete your screen accurate appearance.

Our Silent Bob Costume will also have you or a friend ready to play “Tons of Fun,” Silent Bob himself! It includes his iconic overcoat, a shirt, hat, and pin. You just need your own jeans to complete the style! The trench coat style jacket is a movie replica, with wide lapels and even a smiley face detail attached to the front. The lightweight shirt replicates is sweater and tee shirt combination worn in the film, and the white hat features a black bill just like actor and franchise creator Kevin Smith wore in the movie! Just complete the style with our Silent Bob Wig and Beard Kit (sold separately) and you’ll be ready to accompany Jay on any adventure. Maybe even trying to find Suzanne the orangutan!

The best part of all? Since we made and designed these costumes right here in our own costume studios, you’re only going to find them for sale right here. We teamed up with Miramax to make these exclusive costumes a reality, and now, it’s just up to you. Do you have what it takes to suit up as one of these legendary characters and have your buddy play other part? We sure hope so! Because we’re sure you’re going to steal the show at the big costume party. You know what we’re talking about! “Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Jay and Silent Bob are in the hizzouse!” Monster