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Scary? Try blood-curdling and horrifying! Immortal Masks is the premier name when it comes to truly chilling masks made out of silicone. They craft a variety of lifelike Halloween masks that look like they came straight from a horror movie. They also make some of the best creepy masks for Halloween. We have partnered with Immortal Masks to bring you affordable and officially licensed latex versions of many of their best items.
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Adult Frenzy Mask - Immortal Masks
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Adult Host Mask - Immortal Masks
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Wearing a scary mask on Halloween is a tradition that dates back centuries. Though the exact origins of the practice are unknown, it is thought to have originated with the ancient Celts, who would don masks and costumes to ward off evil spirits. Today, wearing a scary mask on Halloween has become more about fun. However, that does not mean that the masks are any less scary! Of course, when it comes to scary masks, Immortal Masks is king!

Immortal Masks is a company that specializes in making high-quality Halloween masks. Their original masks were made from silicone, which makes them very realistic and lifelike. We teamed up with them because we wanted to bring a version of these masks that captured some of the amazing detail, but using materials that are more affordable for horror fans on a budget. Our officially licensed Immortal Masks are actually made out of latex material.

So, why latex? For starters, latex allows us to offer detailed masks at a fraction of the price of silicone ones. The other advantage of latex is that many people find it more comfortable than silicone when wearing it for long periods of time. Of course, nothing can match the level of detail and durability that silicone offers, but latex does a decent job of compromising between quality and affordability.

We have a wide variety of masks to choose from, ranging from classic scary characters like clowns and creatures straight from a horror movie. Immortal Masks prides itself on its ability to create truly scary masks, even when using latex material. This selection even includes versions of their iconic masks, designed by their master mask crafters. You have to see some of the intricate touches that many of these amazing masks have!

These masks definitely are not for the faint of heart! They are some of the scariest masks we've ever seen, and we've definitely sold our fair share of creepy masks for Halloween. Gruesome and bloody, these Immortal Masks truly are the best choice for anyone that wants the ultimate scary experience this Halloween season.

We recommend pairing these realistic latex masks with our other horror-themed accessories. You can pair these up with any number of costumes for an unforgettable experience! How To

Latex Horror Masks

Have you ever wondered how latex masks are made? Besides looking incredibly realistic and terrifying, we love how these masks came out! Look at the behind the scenes of how these masks are created!