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Are you feeling the call of the wild? These costumes let you choose your very own hunter persona without even getting a license. Whether you want a modern, Midwestern look in camo and blaze orange or your mind is going in a retro safari hunter direction, you'll find a look that's right for you. Hey, maybe you'll even have a couple of trophy pictures to hang in your fancy-schmancy study.
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Do you have what it takes to flaunt your wild side? Are you ready to get in touch with your wild, fierce inner self? Maybe you aren't ready yet. But you will be once you scroll through our hunter costumes! From a fancy-schmancy camo suit to costumes that look like they are straight out of your family's backwoods cabin, there's a costume for anyone who wants a little woods in their wardrobe. 

When you're rolling out your new, tough persona it's important to get to know the hunter lingo. For instance, the bedding area isn't when you claim a soft bed of leaves in a warm ray of sun after you get up before dawn to shoot at turkeys. The bedding area is where deer sleep for the night. Roosting a bird isn't a misspelling of roasting a bird it means you're scaring up your quarry... you can roast that birdie afterward! 

Now that you've gotten to know a little hunter lingo maybe you're ready to explore your hunter options. Can you see yourself glamping on the African plains in a heavy canvas tent, sipping tea in the morning while stalking large prey during the day? If that's the kind of hunter you'd be then you are a natural pick for the safari hunter costume! The exclusive Made by Us costume is hilarious while also looking like it's straight out of a gentleman explorer's wardrobe from the early 1900s. It has accentuated thighs to make your adventure easier and your Instagram pics extra likable. 

Or maybe you're more of a Northwoods hunter. Maybe you'd be the type who likes to sit up in a tree before the sun comes up and wait for your quarry to come along. You'll love our Mossy Oaks Camo hunter costume! It is a comfortable two-piece costume in a woodsy camo print. And it comes with a blaze orange vest to keep you safe from friendly fire... friendly nerf fire that is, this is not the heavy duty camo that'll keep you warm and dry during a long morning hunting in the woods. 

Now that we think about it, maybe as Morrissey says, "You are the Quarry". If you want to play the prey, we've got some great deer costumes as well. Whether you're dressing up like a deer in cooler weather or it's going to get hot you've got options. From adorable deer jumpsuits to fabulous mini doe dresses, you'll find the right wild ensemble. 

We even have historic costumes in this adventurous category. If you want to look like a fur trapper or wilderness explorer, our fringed costume are great. You'll love breaking out costumes like the Frontier Man or the Frontier Lady for Halloween as well as Wild West themed parties. 

If you've scrolled through these paragraphs, then you've probably already scrolled through the hunter costumes. Have a favorite? Give it a try. Already ordered your look and you love it so much you want to shout it from the mountain tops? No need to pack your bag and take a hike to the nearest peak. Simply leave a review. We'll be sure to mount it in our trophy room!