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Masks are a natural part of any costume creation. After you have all your outfit selected, do you want to dive into complicated makeup or would you rather instantly transform with the ease of a molded or latex mask!? Of course, you could combine both at once when you try out our premium masks. These detailed, painted, and otherwise high-quality Halloween masks will step up your costume game in a way that will shock the crowds.
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Costumes are a huge part of our history, allowing folks to do everything from act in school plays to doing honor to ancient spirits. But one element that is occasionally overlooked is the importance of the mask.

Originally, they are thought to have been used as part of rituals or as a form of spiritual protection. They tricked wicked spirits into leaving folks alone or called upon favor from supernatural beings. They've been around for tens of thousands of years, in one form or another, and the oldest masks still around are over 9,000 years old!

Of course, you're probably here because you are looking for an epic mask for the most amazing costume you can put together. Well, you've done well in seeking out a premium mask to complete your look. These masks have a higher ticket price, but the materials and design make them more than worth it.

Either made with quality latex and painted to bring detailed looks to life or constructed with moving parts, any of these high quality Halloween masks will make you giggle with glee... and possibly make your friends and family shriek at your successful design!

Perhaps you want to start with a bit of movie magic. We have premium movie masks that can help you look like you are a character that stepped right out of the silver screen. Need to make someone believe that Freddy Kreuger is really real? How about skipping some epic beard growth and going right to the cheer of a deep Chewbacca laugh?

With quality movie masks, you just might look like you hired a Hollywood makeup artist to help you out!

Of course, you might be looking for a themed costume, too. Did someone say Disney? From Ursula's wicked grin and Scar's sinister smile all the way to the cute curmudgeon Carl Frederickson, you'll find premium Disney masks that will make any outfit complete before you can say, "Dreams really do come true."

And speaking of speaking, have you ever seen a mask that is designed to work so well with your form that they look real to life? There are two ways you can go about that. You can try a premium latex mask and use a few top-tier makeup tricks to blend the mask with your own face. A bit of mask glue, a hair dryer, and a bit of chalk or blush and people won't know where you end and the monster begins!

If you'd rather slip into your disguise without all that effort, give our Mouth Mover Masks a try. These masks have a strap around your jaw so that when you talk or chortle, the mouth of the mask goes right with you. It is a perfect way to make any costume seem all the more realistic and easily achieved with our collection of premium masks. Monster