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George Washington Costumes

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History fans are going to love our realistic George Washington costumes! We feature Kids George Washington costumes that are perfect for school plays and adult George Washington costumes to roleplay as America's first president.
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George Washington Boys Costume
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Toddler George Washington Costume
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Kid's General Washington Costume Main
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Boys American Patriot Costume
Child Black Pants
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Boys Deluxe Colonial Wig
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Colonial Boy Wig

There was a time in American history, when the President was a total rock star. George Washington, the 1st President of the United States of America! He chopped a cherry tree down with his manly muscles when he was but a lad. He charged into battle riding a horse during his adulthood, then founded a new country because he felt like it. He was a manly man and there just hasn't been a president like him since founding of the U.S.

We carry George Washington costumes for any occasion! That means we carry kids costumes that are perfect for President's day pageants as well as a whole bunch of costumes for adults. So whether you're trying to teach your child about history, or you just love the 1st President of the United States, you'll be able to find a cool historical costume right here. Monster