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Garfield Costumes

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Bring Garfield cat to life with a Garfield costume for our selection! Introduce the sassy feline to your little one with children and toddler options. Stay cozy, even on a hateful Monday, with Garfield onesies. Or create a comical couple’s costume with Garfield and Odie. With a variety of sizes, styles, and accessories to choose from, your sure to enjoy your Garfield Halloween when you shop with us!
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Adult Garfield Costume
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Plus Size Garfield Costume
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Adults Garfield Onesie Costume
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The Garfield comic strip was created by Jim Davis and has been published since 1978. In 2013 it held the Guinness World Record for being the world's most widely syndicated comic strip. Garfield is known for his laziness, over-eating, dislike of Mondays and diets. He lives with his owner Jon Arbuckle and a dog named Odie. Odie is a happy, affectionate and energetic puppy who often is tormented by Garfield but generally is unaware of Garfield's mean intentions.

Garfield is known for his orange fur and black stripes, while Odie has tan fur and dark brown ears. Our licensed Garfield costumes allow fans of all ages to bring these characters to life. While we see nothing wrong with using this as an excuse to indulge in some lasagna, we recommend that you take a pass on devouring any house plants. How To

Garfield Halloween Costumes

Feeling like a bit of a Monday? Not with these Garfield Halloween Costumes! Pull on the stripes of everyone's favorite cartoon feline with our officially licensed costumes that are less "I hate Mondays" and more "I love fun days!"

Crafted with care and a little dash of cattitude, our exclusive costume options bring the sass and comfort of the lasagna-loving legend to life. Whether you're lounging on the couch or chasing after Odie at your next costume party, these are the go-to getups for comfy catnaps or hilarious hijinks!

Exclusive Garfield Halloween Costume

Exclusive Garfield Halloween Costume

It's time to channel the cat who's had one too many lasagnas. Our exclusive Garfield costume is stuffed with plush fiberfill, recreating Garfield's unmistakable silhouette—plump, cozy, and ready for any shenanigans. From the iconic Garfield face on the hood to his trademark black stripes, this costume is about embodying the charm of the cat who knows how to live life on the chill side. So, go ahead, take it easy, and let your Garfield flag fly high this Halloween!

Garfield Onesie

Garfield Onesie

Why should costumes be confined to just one night a year? With our Garfield Onesie, every evening is ripe for a little whimsy. Soft Sherpa fleece fabric? Check. Hood with Garfield's unmistakable face? Double check. Ideal for cartoon binge-watches, casual hangouts, or bringing a bit of comic-strip fun to your daily routine, the Garfield adult onesie is about to become your go-to for laid-back luxury. Wave goodbye to boring PJs and say hello to your new lounge-panion!

Garfield Costumes for Kids

Transform your little ones into the sassiest feline on the block with one of our Garfield costumes for kids! Officially licensed, our costumes are masterfully designed to bring out the playful side of your child, while ensuring they stay comfy during their trick-or-treat escapades or everyday adventures. Perfect for little fans of the lovable lazy cat, these child Garfield outfits and costume kits are the ticket to a memorable Halloween!

Garfield Orange Cat Costume

Our child version of the Garfield costume is a big bundle of fun-sized joy! Whether they're plotting to snag the best treats or just lounging in a sunbeam, this costume brings out your little one's comic strip creativity. Crafted for comfort and the cutest of capers, it's an orange cat costume that lets your little one embody the heart of the cartoon legend, bringing a whole lot of personality to any dress-up occasion. Who knew being a cat could be so delightful?

Garfield Cartoon Cat Costume

Tiny paws, big personality! Our toddler Garfield costume is the purr-fect fit for your littlest ones. With the same plush padding and vibrant orange of our child and adult Garfield costumes, the toddler outfit is made for pint-sized fun. It's all about the giggles and wiggles as they bring their favorite comic strip character to life. Designed for easy movement and hassle-free dressing, this costume ensures they can crawl, walk, or even nap like Garfield with ease.

Odie Costume

Who's ready to bounce? The Odie costume for kids is here to turn any frown upside down! This cheerful outfit captures the boundless energy and unwavering loyalty of Garfield's best frenemy. With its sunny yellow and unmistakable floppy ears, your little one's costume adventure just got a dose of happy-go-lucky vibes. Perfect for kids who love to play and parents who adore easy-to-wear costumes, this Odie getup is a Halloween treat—no tricks, just tail-wagging fun!

Garfield Costume Kit

Zoom through costume prep with the speed of a cat chasing a laser pointer! Our Garfield Headband And Tail Kit is the ultimate express route to dress-up land. It's the essence of Garfield packed into a simple, wear-anytime accessory that's a snap for those last-minute party invites or for when your kiddo suddenly decides it's a costume day. Ingenious in its simplicity and undeniable in appeal, this kit promises to be the go-to for instant costume charisma! Monster