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Ewok Costumes

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Let's face it, everyone either loves or hates Ewoks. For these little furry guys there is no middle ground. When they first appeared in the script of Return of the Jedi they were intended to be Wookies. By the time the movie was ready to be shot however they were shrunk to minature size and cutified. And while they are seemingly inept in the film, we do find out that they have an unbelievable penchant for fighting Stormtroopers! Even the AT-ST walkers and the war machine of the Empire are no match for some cunning Ewoks (and a large stockpile of logs).

If you're searching for an adorable costume option for your toddler, you can't beat our Ewok costume. It's the perfect option if Mom and Dad are going as Luke and Leia. We also have an adorable option for pets so you can get your pooch in on the Star Wars action. Try on a great Ewok Hat and Backpack for some everyday fun. Browse our selection of other characters so you can have everyone celebrating the victory in a galaxy far, far away!