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You've heard of a Renaissance Man. What about a Renaissance Monkey? Like a Renaissance Man who has many varied interests and loves to learn about things, Curious George could fit the description. He's a brown monkey brought from Africa to live in a big city by The Man with The Yellow Hat. He was created by Hans Augusto and Margret Rey, a German Jewish married couple who fled Paris ahead of the Nazis in 1940. Riding self-made bicycles, they carried little else with them besides the original manuscript of Curious GeorgeHans did the illustrations, Margret wrote the text. They repeated the successful formula six more times, for a total of seven original Curious George stories. (Since the Reys' deaths--1977 for Hans and 1996 for Margret--their publisher has commissioned a series of new Curious George books.)

Curious George had many adventures. In the original book series he explored a big city, took a job, rode a bike, won a medal, flew a kite, learned the alphabet and visited a hospital. In the later books and TV and movie adaptations, he has done and learned many other things.

If you and your child want to re-enact some of the Curious George stories, check out our selection of costumes. We have infant, toddler and child-sized monkey costumes, and an adult costume for The Man. It would make a great parent-child duo! Monster