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If your child wants to be a nurse for Halloween, you’re in the right place! We have historical nurse costumes for kids as well as modern kids' scrubs. No matter what they choose, they’ll be ready to help save lives!
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Zombie Nurse Costume
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Child Nurse Costume
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Girl's Florence Nightingale Costume
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Girls Head Nurse Costume
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Toddler Nurse Costume Update Main
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Child ER Doctor Costume
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Kid's Nurse Costume upd
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Girls WWI Nurse Costume

Kids love playing nurse and doctor. There is just something exciting about rushing one of your 'patients' in for an emergency tonsillectomy or just performing a routine check-up on your favorite teddy bear is a fun little game to play on a rainy day. Playing doctor is more fun when you are looking the part.

Kids will love making their stuffed animal's boo boos feel all better while they are dressed for the role. Girls will love nursing their dolls back to health while they are in nurse scrubs. Fix a puppys broken leg while suited up as a Veterinarian. Don't forget to add a stethoscope so you can hear  heatbeats of all the 'patients.' Who knows, maybe your little one will love wearing a doctor's costume so much that he or she will pick it as their profession! Monster