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Child Flapper Costumes

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She may have learned everything she knows about flappers in history class. But she can still get into the spirit of the Jazz Age in one of our child flapper costumes. Even if she's a toddler, hasn't taken a history class yet, and doesn't know what a flapper was, she'll love the fringe and sequins.


The 1920s were an optimistic era, and young people focused on having fun. There were new dances to learn, and lots of new music to hear. Fashions were less fussy than in earlier eras. The Great War had forced a focus on utility. The 20s focused on comfort. The silhouette was flat and boyish. Nobody wanted to wear the restrictive corsets their mothers wore!


"Puttin' on the Ritz" meant sparkle and flair. So our child flapper costumes are covered with fringe and sequins, to sway and shimmer with movement. And we have accessories to complete any outfit. Ballet flat shoes, feather headbands, fringed drawstring purses. Even bobbed wigs, to give the scandalous hairstyle what was all the rage.


So teach her how to dance the Charleston, and she'll be the bee's knees!