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We must confess. We still believe Britney is one of the best! Whether you listen to her chart-toppers every day or you’re looking for a fun way to free your inner Britney, we have the Britney Spears costume ideas for you! Celebrate the 90s icon in a Britney Spears costume inspired by her first single. Or create one-of-a-kind Britney Spears outfits with our available costume accessories!
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Queen of Detention Costume
Womens Sexy Flight Attendant
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Oh baby baby how was I supposed to know.... that these Britney Spears costumes were so cute! If the former teen songstress was THE pop star that you idolized growing up (hey, maybe you still do), then pay homage to the songbird by dressing up as her! We sell a costume similar to her "Baby One More" time music video outfit, comprised of a plaid mini skirt, gray sweater, and chunky Mary Jane heels.  You could also choose to pop, lock, and drop it in a ringmaster costume that is reminiscent of the ensemble she wore in the music video, "Circus." Work the fringe and sparkles like no one's business, ladies! You could also decide to recreate Ms. Spears' look from her 'Toxic' music video by donning our retro stewardess costume, complete with circular hat and daring low-cut neckline. Either way, you'll slay just like Brit Brit herself when sporting one of this celebrity-inspired costumes!