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HA1loween Whopper Sexy Green Poop Costume DIY

by |October 9, 2015

Burger King Halloween Whopper and Sexy Green Poop Halloween Costume


Hmmm, how to broach this subject delicately...wait, the subject is sexy poop, so that's not humanly possible? Okay! In that case, better include all the poop puns we can!! Now that we understand each other, away we go: Burger King's limited edition "Halloween Whopper" has been making headlines lately, and not because of its spooky black bun. Let's say this #1 headline has more to do with...#2. That's right, those brave enough to try this festive food have reported that after consuming the burger, their poop turns GREEN! Burger King has assured consumers that the bread contains less than 1% food dye and is completely safe, but that didn't stop the hashtag #GreenPoop from blowing up on Twitter, and it sureeeee didn't stop us from parodying this whopper of a story with a Halloween costume idea! Without further a-poo, we bring you a DIY tutorial on how to create a sexy green poop Halloween costume.



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