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Horror x Scooby-Doo Coloring Pages [Printables]

by |October 4, 2023
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Horror Scooby-Doo Coloring Pages

We all know that Halloween is when the monsters come out to play. Horror movies are watched more frequently, and we put out decorations of our favorite ghosts, skeletons, and other critters. However, that's just everyday stuff for Mystery, Inc.! They have unmasked many a vampire, werewolf, and ghoul. But if Scooby and the gang dressed up as horror characters, who would they be? You can find our answer to this question with these mashup Scooby-Doo coloring sheets!


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Send Best Witches With These Halloween Greeting Cards [Printables]

by |October 5, 2022
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Halloween Greeting Cards

One of the best parts about having a Halloween party or asking people over to watch scary movies is sending hilarious Halloween invitations. If you're looking for a fun way to break the ice this Halloween, we made a series of free, printable Halloween cards. (Or you can save the images and send them as e-cards!) Keep reading to see how you can scare up some good times with our Halloween greeting cards.


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8 Pop Culture Poodle Skirts

by |July 16, 2014
Categories: Costume Tutorials, DIY

Pop Culture Poodle Skirts


Poodle skirts and 1950s style ensembles have been costume party staples for decades. With flattering A-Line silhouettes, girly scarves, flirty accessories, and shiny saddle shoes, it's understandable why! But we got to thinking...why should poodles be the only stars of the show? There are LOTS of other dogs that would look great, proudly parked in the corner of a demure fifties skirt.

With that premise, we bring you pop culture poodle skirts - a twist on the traditional retro-style,...

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