Halloween Costumes for Redheads

Halloween Costumes for Redheads

Redheads are widely known to be feisty, sassy, unpredictable, and a lot of fun, so it's not surprising that your group of pals are begging you to go out in costume this Halloween. Why not dress up in a way that will compliment one of your best features: your flaming locks! It's a great way to show off one of your favorite traits while looking like the pop culture character you love. We've rounded up some of the most recognizable characters who proudly sport a crimson mane, so pick out your favorite and don the costume. You'll love the freedom of not wearing a pesky wig while receiving compliments on your adorable hairdo. Don't be surprised if you hear, “Oh wow, your wig looks perfect.” You'll love smiling and saying, “It's not a wig... I'm a natural redhead!”

Good Guys with Red Hair

good guys

Mad Hatter Costume - Shop      Black Widow Costume - Shop     I Love Lucy Costume - Shop     Pippi Longstocking Costume - Shop        

What do the Mad Hatter, Black Widow, Lucille Ball, and Pippi Longstocking all have in common? Yes, they're all spirited redheads, but they also share another very important characteristic... they're good guys! They're door-holding, truth-telling, honest to goodness good guys who want to do the right thing, so why wouldn't you want to dress up as one of them? The Mad Hatter, although a little bit insane and strikingly odd, is a friendly character who just wants to aid Alice on her journey through Wonderland. You'll love sporting the bandolier, bow tie, and especially the top hat, since it'll bring attention to your natural fiery hair. This is a great costume idea for both men and women. Redheaded ladies who love kicking butt and wearing zip-up jumpsuits will flock toward embodying the Avengers assassin, Black Widow. You'll love looking like Natasha Romanov's stunt double while playing up your red hair. If you'd rather dress as a timeless and comical redhead, we recommend a Lucille Ball or Pippi Longstocking costume. They're both charming characters that do not require you to wear a wig. Curl your hair if you want to wear the lovable Lucy costume, but if you rather transform into the peppy Pippi, braid and part your hair for a look that's straight out of a storybook!

Villains with Red Hair

villain costumes

             Poison Ivy Costume - Shop                            Queen of Hearts Costume - Shop                        Medusa Costume - Shop

                                              Sexy Chucky Costume - Shop                                   Men's Chucky Costume - Shop

Okay, so we already know that there are a lot of heroic redheaded heroes out there, but what about the villains? Are there fiery-haired bad guys out there too? You betchya! If you've always been slightly smitten with the nefarious type, you'll love playing up your red hair as a vile villain. Superhero-obsessed ladies will love hunting down the Dark Knight while being wrapped in vines and wearing an all green ensemble, so a Poison Ivy costume is perfect for redheads who want a viciously sexy look. If you rather swing a flamingo mallet while bellowing,“Off with their heads!” we recommend wearing a regal, yet evil, Queen of Hearts costume. The crown will look flawless on top of your beautiful crimson strands. If you're in the market to dress as a red-haired character that will send shivers down the spine of everyone (especially men), we urge you to check out our Medusa costume. Interweave some toy snakes into your fiery mane to embody the gorgeous Gorgon. Last but not least, there's the murderous and diabolical Chucky doll. This look is feasible for both men and woman, just tease your mane and be sure to practice your best sinister laugh!

Disney Characters with Red Hair

disney character costumes

     Mermaid Costume - Shop           Sally Costume - Shop             Jessie Costume - Shop           Hollywood Singer Costume - Shop      

Think back to your childhood. Who was your favorite Disney character? We bet it was a character who had red hair just like you! Have a magical time this Halloween dressed as your favorite fiery fictional Disney darling. Of course, one of our top picks for you is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She's spunky, sassy, and she also has a healthy crop of thick foxy locks. Clip a starfish barrette into your mane as a cute piece of flair that will draw even more attention to your noteworthy hair. If you rather channel a slightly spooky character, we recommend dressing as Sally, the rag doll creation from The Nightmare Before Christmas. You may not be able to detach your limbs like the incredibly clever character, but you will be able to achieve her red hairdo. Just straighten your hair and get out there to find your your very own Pumpkin King. Having a rootin' tootin' good time will be a piece of cake as long as you dress up as Jessie, the rowdy wrangler from the Toy Story movies. All you'll need to do is put on your cowboy boots, hat, braid your hair, and practice saying, “Howdy partner!” Last but not least, get in touch with your inner lounge singer diva by wearing the purple gloves, sky-high heels, and sparkly red dress. It will transform you into the most tantalizing bunny in Toon Town, Jessica Rabbit. Just put some rollers in your long red locks and you'll be ready to serenade the crowd while simultaneously stealing hearts!

Kid's Costumes for Redheads

kids costumes

  Child Pebbles Costume - Shop      Child Daphne Costume - Shop      Girls Blossom Costume - Shop      Girls Fiona Costume - Shop            

When you're a kid, it's tough blending in when you have red hair. Don't spend time trying to blend in; just stand out! Kids will feel special and proud if they have a costume that compliments their hair. Girls will look adorable as Bedrock's cutest cavegirl when they wear a Pebbles costume. Just attach a bone clip to their locks and they'll be ready to ride a T-Rex. If solving spooky mysteries is your child's passion, a Daphne costume would be delightful on her. After teasing her hair, she'll be ready to hop in the Mystery Machine van with Scooby and the rest of the crime-solving squad. Carrot tops who love crime-solving will also enjoy wearing a Blossom costume from the Powerpuff Girls. They'll love looking like the City of Townsville's favorite fiery-haired hero. Finally, she could always dress as the coolest ogre in all of the enchanted kingdom by wearing a Fiona costume. She can be as feisty as she wants when her red hair is fixed into a side ponytail. This is a great costume idea for little redheads who want a princess inspired look!

So what costume will you pick out to compliment your flaming locks? Here's a link to some of the costumes for redheads that we talked about above. Pick out your favorite and let us know what you picked out in the comment section below. And don't forget to include a picture because we want to see the final look, too!

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