Something's Missing: Limbs (and Heads) Lost in the Star Wars Saga [Infographic]

by |December 14, 2015

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The Star Wars saga is filled with tons of visually dazzling battle scenes, the most common being lightsaber duels. The most popular weapon in the galaxy has been on full display many times during the films, and seeing as though its blade is a full-blown plasma beam, you better believe it can cut through anything. Therefore, a lot of lightsaber duels result in injury or even death due to dismemberment. Here's a look at each amputation in the Star Wars saga: who lost what at the hands of whom, and where it occurred. 



The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

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What was your favorite lightsaber duel in the Star Wars saga? Aside from Jar Jar Binks, are there any other characters you think should've forcefully had limbs removed? Do you think anyone will lose a limb or head in The Force Awakens? Share all your thoughts and fan theories with us in the comments. If you're anywhere near as excited as we are to see the new movie, be sure to check out our Star Wars costumes and apparel to dress up for the premiere! 



Design Credit: Jacob Kuddes

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