Rogues Gallery: A Timeline of Batman Comic Villains [Infographic]

Rogues Gallery: A Timeline of Batman Comic Villains


Batman has a lot of enemies. These villains are often called the Rogues Gallery, a reference to the mugshots and other documents–about their hideouts, known associates, and so on–that early police departments used to identify and catch criminal suspects. Batman’s Rogues Gallery ranged from common criminals to well-known Batman super villains and criminal masterminds like the Joker. In this infographic, we cataloged the first comic book appearance of every Batman Rogues Gallery villain, and also highlighted some of the more iconic supervillains.



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Rogues Gallery: A Timeline of Batman Comic Villains

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What did you think? Did we highlight your favorite villain or was there someone else we should have picked instead? Feel free to yell at us in the comments below. And remember that our selection of Batman costumes includes characters from both the Batman Family and Rogues Gallery!



Infographic Design Credit: Travis Green

Wyatt Edwards

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