100 Years Later: The Journey of Raggedy Ann and Andy [Infographic]

by |September 9, 2015

Raggedy Ann History Infographic


If you’re a child who grew up in the United States, chances are that either your parents or grandparents had a vintage Raggedy Ann or Andy doll that you played with when you were little. The red-haired, triangle-nosed doll has been around for 100 years now and to celebrate her centennial birthday, we put together this infographic showing all of her designs through Raggedy Ann history. There are more than you think! Since 1918, Raggedy Ann has had a lot of changes, both in appearance and manufacturer. We hope you enjoy this nostalgic look at the classic toy!



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Raggedy Ann Infographic


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Which was your favorite look? Do you remember which version of Raggedy Ann and Andy you had in your toy room? We hope you liked this look into the past! What will Ann look like in the year 2115? Maybe a robot. Maybe not. Who knows?! What we DO know is that we have these cute Raggedy Ann costumes just in time for Halloween! (If you have a guy that's willing to, you can even go as a Raggedy Ann and Andy costume together!)



Infographic Design Credit: Kate Lemke

Infographic Writing Credit: Kylie Ahlschwede

MaDonna Flowers
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