DIY Celebrate Pride Facebook Costume

by |September 1, 2015
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DIY Facebook Pride Filter Costume


Were you one of the more than 26 MILLION people that used Facebook's "Celebrate Pride" feature the weekend that it launched back in June? Is your Facebook profile picture still a pretty Pride rainbow? Do you want to keep celebrating pride through this Halloween and beyond?? Then you will almost certainly enjoy our tutorial on how to put together a celebrate pride Facebook rainbow filter costume to sport this October. Whether you marched in as many pride parades as you could after the Supreme Court ruled to allow same sex marriages, marched in zero but want to show your support for the LGBT community, or even if you just like the way things look between different colors of cellophane wrap, give this tutorial a try!



The Finished Look

DIY Celebrate Pride Facebook Filter Costume

Who has a thumb and is ready to celebrate pride? This guy!



The Supplies

Supplies needed to make a Facebook rainbow pride filter costume


  • 6 different colors of cellophane wrap - ROY.G.BIV, remember?
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Spray Glue
  • Poster Board
  • Cardboard
  • A printer


How to Create the Filter Effect

How to make a Facebook pride rainbow filter costume


Sorry that you had to purchase so much cello wrap for just a tiny square, but you can alway share with friends and make it a group costume! A Facebook group, if you will. Just use a pair of scissors to cut approximately even strips of each color, and adhere them to the back side of a poster board square with tape. Make sure you cut your square opening large enough to fit your kisser inside! For an extremely portable costume you could just stop at this step, but come on, It's Halloween. Go the extra it for LGBT pride! We just used a gigantic piece of cardboard and proceeded to decorate our "profile page" with classic Facebook details and symbols. Use your real name on the cardboard "page" if you want to get a whole bunch of new friend requests before your Halloween reveling is over!



Additional Pride Costumes & Accessories

Gay pride costumes and accessories

Rainbow Tunic      Rainbow Fur Leg Warmers


Another cool part about these face-in-hole type costumes? You can wear whatever you want for the rest of your outfit! We have loads of pride themed and rainbow accessories to complete your look. Choose from one of the fun ideas above, or look at our complete selection of PRIDE COSTUMES!



Now...Let's Celebrate Pride! Monster Celebrates Pride

Even the Monster tried out the pride filter!

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