7 Board Game Horror Movie Posters Inspired by Ouija The Movie [Printables]

by |October 7, 2014
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Board Game Horror Movie Posters


Whenever the Ouija board was brought out at a slumber party, a definite line was made. On one side were the kids who wanted nothing to do with the spirit board -- they were the ones who suddenly decided to go make a snack, or "check something upstairs." The other side, though, were the kids who wanted to see if the Ouija was the real deal. Sure, maybe it was your older sister or brother guiding the little wooden pointer to spell out creepy words. It’s a Parker Brothers toy, after all. How real could it be? But, if you are anything like us, there was always that little voice in the back of your head wondering if you really were talking to a lost spirit, stuck in the middle with unfinished business.


We love that little voice in the back of our head that believes all things spooky to be real, and that’s why we’re so excited for the new Ouija movie coming out on October 24! The movie looks perfectly-creepy and the poster is equally awesome. It got us to thinking – what if other board games were turned into horror movies? Of course we followed through on this daydream! Look below for what we came up with. You know, if you dare…


Don't Wake Daddy

Don't Wake Daddy horror movie poster


Okay, the premise of the game Don’t Wake Daddy was to sneak into the kitchen and get a snack. This poster shows what happens if you actually wake him up. It looks like dad really hates having his beauty sleep getting interrupted.


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Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos movie poster


To be honest, the game itself was a little unsettling – those hippos really were starving. Now imagine the ferocity of those gnashing teeth directed at you rather than a whole bunch of marbles. No thanks!


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Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap movie poster


The scariest part about Mouse Trap is looking back on the game now as an adult and thinking of all those tiny, tiny pieces to keep track of. There were so many! What if you lost one?! You wouldn’t even be able to MAKE the mouse trap! Then the mice would have nothing to stop them and would rise up against man and ... well, that would be another horror movie poster to create.


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Operation movie poster


Ok, what would be scarier: a movie about the surgeon who performs all those crazy surgeries you see in Operation OR a movie about the person who NEEDS all those surgeries? Removal of the “bread basket”!? Who needs that procedure? A madman, that’s who.


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Scrabble Movie Poster


This is our favorite one of the bunch – what could this one be about? So many creepy possibilities. A wild animal? A feral person? Someone buried alive? A combination of all three? Yikes.


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Just for fun, we also came up with a couple posters for movies that already exist, but just fit so perfectly with a board game theme, that we couldn’t resist.


Connect Four

Connect 4 Movie Poster


For the people who thought Human Centipede was too tame with only three people involved.


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Sorry Saw Movie Poster


Do you want to play a game? Ew, Jigsaw! It depends! If we screw you over in Sorry, are you going to cut our leg off? We might have to take a rain check on that one.


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Do you have any other ideas of board games that would make for a good horror movie? Are you planning on seeing Ouija? Is it better than Jumanji? Is that even possible?! You have to let us know! Add a comment below!

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