The Many Mutations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Infographic]

TMNT Evolution Infographic


The new TMNT movie already comes out next Friday? TUBULAR with a side of COWABUNGA! The turtles are looking pretty spiffy in the previews thanks to impressive CGI effects, but they sureeeee didn't always look that way. Grab yourself a slice of pizza to snack on as you scroll through our visual guide to the evolution of these radical dudes. We cover all of their looks starting from when Leo, Mikey, Raph, and Donnie, first crawled out of the sewer in 1983.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Evolution Infographic

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Aleksandra Sobic

Aleksandra is’s brand manager and senior Mario consultant. She believes that her stature, hair, passion for pink, and reverence of cake, make her the ideal candidate to play Princess Peach on Broadway. Some additional interests include crafting, wine, correcting people’s grammar, obsessing over Jurassic Park (remember, women inherit the earth!), and brainstorming ways to make sexy costume representations of typically un-sexy pop culture characters. Donkey Kong was a breeze but Jabba the Hutt is proving formidable.