How To Dance Like Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un Dance Video

The headlines are everywhere: "The Video That Has North Korea in an Uproar!" "North Korea FURIOUS Over Dance Parody Video!" "The Video That North Korea Does Not Want You To See!" How could we resist clicking? This afternoon we became one of the 2million+ views that the infamous video currently bosts. Do we regret it? NO! (Sorry not sorry, North Korea.) In fact it made us want to dance. So we did. And we recorded it. And then we put it on Youtube.

We suspect we're not the only ones who caught the dance bug after watching the video, so in case you want to host a viral dance party of your own, we made the masks available for purchase on our website! Enjoy.


The Viral Video That Started It All

Catchy, Right?


Our Version!

Our co-workers are multi-talented. Did Obama just pop and lock?


Jumbo Kim Jong Un Dance Mask

Kim Jong Un Mask

Kim Jong Un Mask - Shop


Jumbo Obama Dance Mask

Obama Mask

Obama Jumbo Mask - Shop


Of course you're not just limited to Obama or Kim Jung when it comes to making silly masks. You can make a jumbo mask of ANYONE using our custom mask creator. Sweeeet!

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