Stormtrooper Father's Day Video eCard

Stormtrooper Father's Day eCard


Do you have a special person in your life, that you call Dad? Send him this Stormtrooper Father's Day video to show him how much you care! Happy Fathers Day from Star Wars Style! 


Hop in your Tie FIghter, and come meet us down at the fishing hole!


Fuzzy black and white picture? Don Knotts? Didn't quite get the reference? We were parodying the classic opening theme to The Andy Griffith Show. Nothing evokes a stronger image of father-son bonding time than Andy Griffith and young Ron Howard heading down to the fishing hole. With a whistling theme so sweet it will be stuck in your head the rest of the day!


Did you know this opening theme song actually included lyrics sung by Andy Griffith?


Hey! What about fathers and daughters? If you haven't been too overloaded by adorable Star Wars imagery, we encourage you to check out our Father's Day video from last year. Little Princess Leia gets help from her notorious father while flying a kite.


Life is so much simpler and happier in our version of the Star Wars universe.





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Travis Mattick

Travis is a videographer, t-shirt aficionado and seasoned costume guru. He also boasts expert knowledge of all things Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings related. He can usually be found drenched in fake blood at a zombie pub crawl, taking brewery tours wearing German lederhosen, or guising as a Jack Sparrow impersonator-- convincing people to buy him a drink of rum.