Secrets of the Disney Vault [Quiz]

You've watched Disney films your whole live and have undoubtedly found favorite characters and songs, but how much do you really know about Disney animated film history? In honor of the release of Frozen this week, we have put together the ultimate Disney quiz that may prove to stump even the most dedicated Mouseketeers...


Secrets of Disney Quiz ImageJoin the jamboree! Click the image to take the quiz and step inside the legendary Disney vault.


The Walt Disney Company has existed since 1923—that’s nine decades of pure magic. Walt Disney himself established a style of entertainment like none other and set the foundation for all the wonderful films to be built upon. The first full length animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, came out all the way back in 1937, and the latest, Frozen, is being released this week. That’s a long legacy of films!

*Note - you can take the quiz as many times as you like. You also welcome (and encouraged!) to share it with family and friends to see who gets the best score! Just be sure there are no hard feelings at the Thanksgiving table :)

Chris Harder

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