We Went to C2E2: Costume Pic Roundup

by |May 13, 2013
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The Guild at C2E2

Things have changed quite a bit since the last time I wrote for the blog.  For one thing, I no longer make my living by hiding under a bridge and collecting tolls from frightened peasants as they attempt to pass. Granted, a lot of that has to do with the fact that the city demolished my bridge...

Luckily, halloweencostumes.com recognized my ability to strike fear into the heart of my fellow man and I’m now the HR guy.  Wait…What?  Oh well, as long as my cruel reign of terror is allowed to continue, all will be fine. I may have "gone corporate," but I can guarantee you that one thing hasn’t changed: my love of comic conventions!  As a result, I left my cube and traveled to Illinois for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2!

(I personally think they were trying to get rid of HR so they could set up a scooter jousting tournament after I told them it was too unsafe.)  Oh well, if it means more conventions for me then they can joust all they want. Anyway, since we recently passed the halfway to Halloween mark, convention season has just begun, and we happen to sell costumes, why don’t we share some of my favorite cosplay pictures from C2E2?


Retro Batman Group at C2E2

Kablam! Kapow! We love this retro style.



Star Wars Costumes at C2E2

How tall is that WampajQuery15208907951570497754_1368476479090



Ghostbuster Duo at C2E2

Consider your ghosts BUSTED with these guys on the job!



Joker and Harley Quinn from C2E2

The best part of the picture is that it's right by the weapons check area! **Insert slow clap here



Harley Quinn and The Joker at C2E2

Lookin good Harley! Here's a different take on The Joker and his honey.



Modern Batman Costumes at C2E2

If you told Bane he is the bane of your existence...would that be a compliment?



Leather Wearing Duo at C2E2

G.I. WOAH! You have our permission to keep rocking jumpsuits.



Two sexy superheroes at C2E2

Yellow body paint may not be practical when fighting crime on the streets, but against an orange carpet it looks RAD!



Link costume at C2E2

I spy, with my little eye, our Zelda Triforce Shield Good call, Link.



X-Men Villains Cosplay

Are flames an unstoppable force? No better duo to ask than these X-Men villains!



C2E2 Jack Sparrow Costume

So THAT'S why there wasn't any rum left at the convention center...



Female Doctor Who Costume C2E2

It's all about the fez for this female Doctor Who! Pick up a Sonic Screwdriver of your own here



C2E2 ThunderCats Costumes

ThunderCats were cool before long before grumpy cat was.



Red Ranger Morph Costume C2E2

Red Ranger Power! Looks like it's morphin' time!



C2E2 Weeping Angels

Don't cry Weeping Angels!



The Guild Group Cosplay

Group costume of the day! That's one good looking Guild.



Fish In Pants Costume C2E2

Wouldn't be a convention without a "what the...??" moment- Is that Rainbow Fish??

You can pick up many of these great costumes and accessories right here on our site!  And who knows- maybe you’ll run into me at the next convention and end up on our blog.  If so, I’ll see you in St. Paul on May 18!

                                               Joe Vampire is a staff writer and, yes, HR guy at halloweencostumes.com.  He continues to exact tolls from people passing by his cubicle.

Joe Vampire
Joe Vampire

Joe Vampire is the evil HR guy at the company.  He once trained people in the art of phlebotomy but that’s not how he got his pseudonym.  He's not quite sure how it was bestowed upon him, as a matter of fact.  Because he’s in HR, and therefore has no friends, he retreats into a world of horror movies, video games, beards, beers, bears, black metal, and playing guitar for Old Towne Ghosts.