Hippie Costume Ideas

by |October 18, 2012
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Are you obsessed with beads, glitter, metallics, disco and/or tie-dye? Do the rockin’ sounds of Jimi Hendrix or psychedelic beats of Grateful Dead nourish your soul? Not sure what costume you’re looking for? Why not try out a 1960s or 1970s themed outfit? From hippies to old-school detectives, Halloween Costumes offers a wide variety of costumes for both the chicks and the dudes out there.


Flower Child

Loving those flowing locks and bohemian look of Cher? Or how about the flower child style of the hippies at Woodstock? Craving some serious tie-dye in your costume? Look no further than these costumes! They’ll certainly brighten any event.


flower child costume ideas

(60s Singer Costume | Woodstock Girl | Retro Hippie Chick)


Mod Girl

Yearning to wear miniskirts like the mod girls of the 60s? Itching to be a go-go dancer, or starting to love Meg Draper’s outfits on Mad Men? Look at the go-go dresses that come with either a hippie flair or a truly modern style for those hip enough in the know. These varieties of dresses are sure to do the trick for your next costumed event.


mod gogo girl costume ideas

(Mod Girl Costume | Hippie GoGo Girl | 60s GoGo Girl Costume)


Disco Diva

Craving to be a flawless, disco queen like Donna Summer or Thelma Houston? Wanting to strut your moves on the dance floor to sweet disco sounds? Instead of being a singer or dancer, why not be an actual disco ball? Take a look at these costumes that will surely make you stand out in a crowd.


disco diva costume ideas

(Sexy Disco Diva Dress | Sexy Disco Jumpsuit | Sexy Disco Ball Diva)



Pining for the days of the original Woodstock? Adore the sounds of Janis, Jimi and Dylan? Or you just have a free spirit that yearns to be expressed? Feast your eyes on these costumes! They will fit every need your heart desires.


hippie costume ideas

(Men's Woodstock Costume | Purple Daze Hippie Costume | Men's Hippie Costume)


Disco Fever

Can’t get enough of John Travolta in his epic work, Saturday Night Fever? Or you have an attachment to Disco Stu from The Simpsons? This white leisure suit should fit your burning passion to funk out, or try the other colored leisure suits that are offered.


disco costume ideas

(Green Leisure Suit | Saturday Night Fever Costume)



Do you adore 70s cop dramas? Or maybe you want to pay tribute to the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage video? Check out this 70s Detective costume kit! You could easily find a short sleeve button up shirt, flared suit pants and shoes at your local thrift store.


70s detective

(70s Detective Kit)


If none of these peak your interest, you can always shop locally and check out your thrift/vintage store for DIY hippie costume ideas. In addition, you can still shop there for accessories to go along with the costumes already talked about.


Talia Earle is a staff writer for HalloweenCostumes.com