Zombie Costume Ideas for 2012

by |October 15, 2012
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Zombies have come a long way since their first debut in 1932’s “White Zombie” where they were shown to be the resurrected dead who did the bidding of their voodoo master. Then came 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead” directed by George A. Romero which introduced the idea of the recently deceased craving the flesh of the living. Since then there have been many zombie movies have tried to give their own twist on the vicious people eaters ranging from rage virus (“28 Days Later”) to track star zombies (2004’s “Dawn of the Dead”). And not only have zombies taken over the horror film genre but people have taken to streets dressed as the living dead for zombie pub crawls. So this list of zombie costume ideas will give you a hand in creating a fun undead look for your zombie pub crawl or your Halloween costume.


The Walking Dead Zombie Costume Ideas

In 2010 AMC premiered a new show based on a comic book that focused on a group of people trying to survive after the zombie apocalypse. This show has a ton of great zombies, or walkers as they call them, to recreate for a perfect undead look.


Walking Dead



Rick Grimes

If you want to be a human in a sea of zombies this Rick Grimes costume is perfect for you. It includes a blood covered jacket, fake zombie parts, and fake blood to recreate a scene from the episode “Guts”.

Rick Grimes costume

(Rick Grimes Walking Dead costume)


Little Girl Zombie

The zombie apocalypse has taken its toll on everyone. This little girl zombie costume will let you become one of the first zombies Rick encounters after he wakes from his coma.


walking dead girl zombie costume


(Adult little girl zombie costume)


Walking Dead Zombie

To turn yourself in to just your standard walker grab some tattered clothes, fake blood, and this split jaw zombie mask. You’ll feel just like a part of the herd when you go out in this costume.


split jaw zombie mask

(Split jaw zombie mask)


Romero Zombie Costume Ideas (or Classic Zombie Ideas)

Often considered the granddaddy of the modern zombie, George A. Romero has directed six movies the deal with the living dead. One of the things that Mr. Romero likes to do is give his zombies a little character by having them dressed in costumes that will make you chuckle and scream at the same time.

Zombie Nun

In the classic movie “Dawn of the Dead” from 1978 a group of survivors turn a mall into their home while zombies are taking over the world. But first they must clear the mall out of zombies that are walking around the inside, including a zombie nun. This costume plus some of our zombie make up will turn you into a sister of the living dead.


zombie nun

(Zombie nun costume)


Hare Krishna Zombie

At the end of Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” there is a Hare Krishna zombie that is going after our heroes. Wearing this spiritual guy costume and some gray make up will get you high fives from the hardest of hardcore zombie movie fans.


zombie hare krishna



zombie hare krishna collage


(Adult spiritual guy costume / Gory zombie makeup kit)


Zombie Cheerleader

When George Romero returned to zombie movies after a 20-year absence he brought his love of funly dressed zombies with him. “Land of the Dead” features a cheerleader zombie that joins Big Daddy zombie to attack Pittsburg. With this zombie cheerleader costume you’ll be set to stumble around seeking the flesh of the living.


zombie cheerleader



zombie cheerleader costume

(Zombie cheerleader costume)


Storybook Zombie Costume Ideas

Now one thing you can certainly do for your zombie costume is be very creative and mix in your favorite storybook character. We have various costumes will allow you to do just that.

Zombie Dorothy

I could make a “we’re not in Kansas anymore” joke right here but I will hold back. But with this zombie Dorothy costume you can bring the zombie outbreak to the magical Land of Oz.


zombie dorothy

(Zombie Dorothy costume)


Zombie Alice

Fall down the rabbit hole into a horde of the undead. This costume will let you become everyone’s favorite Wonderland traveler after she came back from the dead.


zombie alice

(Undead Alice costume)


Zombie Snow White

It seems that the evil queen finally got to Snow White and got rid of her but she still is the fairest zombie of them all. This costume would go great with a few zombified dwarves to create a good group look. And let's be honest, Snow White movies are the new zombie movie.


zombie snow white

(Snow Fright costume)


Zombie Disney Princess

If Dorothy, Alice, or Snow White isn’t the storybook character you want to make a zombie? Make your own undead princess costume by taking any of our Disney Princess costumes and covering it in theatrical blood and ripping it apart to look like the living dead have made you one of them. Throw in some hipster glasses to add even more snark to this look and go as a zombie hipster Disney princess.


zombie disney princess



Pop Culture Zombie Costume Ideas

Much like the storybook section above, it can be fun to mash up your favorite pop culture icon with the undead for a fun zombie pub crawl!

Star Trek

During the classic run of the show Star Trek if you wore a red shirt when you beamed down to the planet the Enterprise you better have left a will on board. If all the red shirts came back to life Captain Kirk had better run in the other direction. To create the look of a recently reanimated red shirt just get a classic Star Trek red shirt and add on some zombie gore like these bloody guts.

star trek shirt



star trek collage

(Star Trek costume t-shirt / Fake bloody guts)


Star Wars

If you’re not much of a Treker but still want to have some sci-fi flavor to your zombie costume this Death Trooper costume is perfect. Just because it took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away doesn’t mean the Jedi and Sith are safe from the undead menace.

death trooper

(Adult Death Trooper costume)



Remember that game of Operation you played when you were little? What if you weren’t a very good doctor and he flat lined just to come back to life? You’d better run up some chutes and ladders to get away! For a zombie Operation guy costume take an operation costume and add some fake blood and zombie guts to make it look like you’re losing your innards from those fun shaped holes in your body.


operation costume

(Adult male Operation costume)


Add some organs:


bloody intestines

(Bloody zombie intestines)


Zombie Super Mario Bros

If the zombie outbreak hit the Mushroom Kingdom would Mario survive? My guess that the portly plumber would end up as a walker pretty quickly. A great duo costume would be having a zombie Mario and a zombie hunter Luigi (he has fought off ghosts so he can handle the supernatural).


zombie mario




adult mario costume

(Mario costume)


Celebrity Zombie Costume Ideas

Lastly a great zombie costume idea is to take a popular celebrity and give them a zombie makeover. And they can range from current paparazzi favorites, the recently passed, to old classics.

Zombie Katie Perry

Katy Perry is always making the news but imagine the press she’d get if she was a zombie? The paparazzi would more than likely keep their distance though.

zombie katy perry

(Katy Perry zombie costume)


Zombie Steve Jobs

Some say that Steve Jobs would have hated the brand new iPhone 5 but would that hatred cause him to come back from the grave to let Apple know? A zombie Steve Jobs costume is pretty easy to do by adding some zombie hands and appliances to your black turtleneck.


zombie steve jobs



Use these zombie flesh hands to clutch on to your iPhone, brains and other Apple devices:


zombie flesh hands

(Zombie flesh hands)


Try to hold on to your enormous brain with this mask:

zombie flip mask

(Zombie flip your wig mask)


Zombie Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln is having a big year. He fought vampires at the start, he has a Steven Spielberg movie coming out this winter, and he just came back from the dead! With it being an election year you can moan your anger at the current politicians as zombie Abe Lincoln and to create that look we have a zombie Abe mask along with a Lincoln costume. 




Whether you're fighting vampires, fighting zombies, or you've turned into a zombie yourself, look debonair in this Abe Lincoln suit and mask:


abe lincoln costume

(Abe Lincoln costume)


(Abe Lincoln mask)

Was that enough zombie inspiration for you? Are you ready to hit the town sporting your own unique zombie Halloween costume? Feel free to share your comments with us below! If you're looking to do a little more DIY to create other zombie looks, check out this DIY zombie costume guide and you'll look like one of the undead in no time.