How To Create Your Own Ginny Weasley Costume

by |August 7, 2012
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Ginny Weasley isn't just the girl with the fan crush on Harry Potter from the Sorcerer's Stone. She isn't only that character who brought Tom Riddle back into the picture in the Chamber of Secrets. Ginny isn't simply the youngest, red-headed Weasley sibling, or Harry Potter's girlfriend and eventual wife. Ginny Weasley is described by J.K. Rowling as an exceptional witch, and isn't one you should forget when choosing your Harry Potter group costumes for an upcoming movie marathon or Halloween party. Here's how you can make your own Ginny Weasley costume:

Ginny Weasley quick shopping guide Auburn wigGryffindor robe


 Child Ginny Weasley costume:


Child Ginny Weasley costume

Hogwarts Student Witch Hat | Gryffindor Robe | Gryffindor Necktie


The perfect kid's Ginny Weasley costume isn't complete without the Hogwarts essentials: a Gryffindor school robe, witch's hat and a house emblem tie. Other essesntials to creating your costume could include an old blank book to serve as Tom Riddle's diary, a wand, a horse patronus charm spell, mastering the disarming and redactor curse, and of course, Harry Potter on your arm!


Ginny Weasley


Don't forget that Ginny joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team in her fifth year at Hogwarts as a Chaser and then as Seeker. So, to create this Ginny Weasley look, you'll need all the Quidditch basics such as goggles, a helmet and safety accessories.


Adult Ginny Weasley costume:


Adult Ginny Weasley costume

Adult Gryffindor Robe | Wavy Auburn Wig


Adults, don't fret! You can be Ginny Weasley, too! So, grab your friends, a few Gryffindor robes, a couple of magic wands and settle in for a fun and exciting group costume that will never go out of style! Just don't forget your red wig so you're not mistaken for Hermione or worse yet, Lavender Brown!

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