The Ultimate Guide to Zombies

by |October 9, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Zombies

Everyone likes to speculate about what they would do to survive a zombie apocalypse. Maybe you have a certain "safe spot" in mind where you can wait out the worst of it. Perhaps you practiced throwing a few vinyl records. You could even have memorized the complete list of zombie survival rules from Zombieland. Whatever the case may be, you have thought about nearly everythingbut what if the zombie apocalypse gives you abnormal zombies? With Zombieland: Double Tap coming out soon, perhaps you're already preparing to meet some mad zombies. However, do you know what to do in the event of facing off against T-virus zombies? What about Pontypool's audio-borne zombie plague? We're going to show you the ins and outs of various types of zombies so you know what to do in the event of an abnormal zombie outbreak!

Wouldn't it be nice if you only had to deal with a simple case of walkers? Slow zombies may seem like they would be a cakewalk, but as you have probably seen in The Walking Dead, surviving the undead becomes much harder when you find out that everyone who dies (whether from zombies or some other cause) gets turned into a new zombie. Fast zombies add a whole new level of difficulty, as cardio is suddenly more of an essential to survival. Still, there are other oddities in the zombie community from demonic zombies that shun crosses and holy water to voodoocontrolled zombies, zombies with ice powers and even zombie dogs and flocks of birds! Yikes! Despite these odds, there are some known weaknesses for certain zombies and even cures. Check out the graphic below to see what to do in the event of certain zombie outbreaks.

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The Ultimate Guide to Zombies

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The Ultimate Guide to ZOmbies Transcript

We have seen a variety of zombies in movies and television shows. Certain zombies can be classified as walkers, while others are runners. Some zombies can be killed like normal humans, whereas others are only killed by destroying the brain. This guide showcases some of the most well-known types of zombies.

#1 Zombie Type: Mad

  • Zombie Origin: Zombieland, 2009
  • Special Abilities: Able to climb
  • Speed: Runners
  • Presence of a Cure: No
  • Weakness: Fire
  • How to Kill: Headshot/double-tap (rule #2)

#2 Zombie Type: Romero

  • Zombie Origin: Living Dead Trilogy, 1968
  • Special Abilities: Any dead person becomes a zombie, disease from zombie bite is lethal
  • Speed: Walkers
  • Presence of a Cure: No
  • Weakness: Fire
  • How to Kill: Headshot

#3 Zombie Type: Rage

  • Zombie Origin: 28 Days Later, 2002
  • Special Abilities: Able to climb, very fast viral infection (a minute or less)
  • Speed: Runners
  • Presence of a Cure: Yes (blood transfusion)
  • Weakness: Starvation
  • How to Kill: Starvation, can die like uninfected (head, heart, etc.)

#4 Zombie Type: White Walker

  • Zombie Origin: Game of Thrones, 2011
  • Special Abilities: Able to create wights from humans and creatures, immune to decay and age, ice powers
  • Speed: Walkers
  • Presence of a Cure: No
  • Weakness: Dragonglass & Valyrian steel
  • How to Kill: Dragonglass and Valyrian steel weapons, killing the Night King

#5 Zombie Type: Walker

  • Zombie Origin: The Walking Dead, 2010
  • Special Abilities: Anyone that dies becomes a zombie, some zombies can swim
  • Speed: Walkers
  • Presence of a Cure: No
  • Weakness: Headshot
  • How to Kill: Headshot, decapitation

#6 Zombie Type: T-Virus

  • Zombie Origin: Resident Evil, 2002
  • Special Abilities: Can infect animals, variant zombies have a variety of powers
  • Speed: Runners & walkers
  • Presence of a Cure: Yes (antivirus & vaccines)
  • Weakness: Fire
  • How to Kill: Headshot, fire

#7 Zombie Type: Romantic

  • Zombie Origin: Warm Bodies, 2013
  • Special Abilities: See human memories by eating brains
  • Speed: Walkers
  • Presence of a Cure: Yes (finding their humanity again)
  • Weakness: Zombie scent can hide uninfected, boneys (other less-human zombies that will attack flesh zombies)
  • How to Kill: Headshot, decapitation

#8 Zombie Type: Demonic

  • Zombie Origin: [REC], 2007
  • Special Abilities: Able to climb, can infect animals
  • Speed: Runners
  • Presence of a Cure: No
  • Weakness: Exorcistic prayers, religious paraphernalia
  • How to Kill: Headshot, decapitation

#9 Zombie Type: Voodoo

  • Zombie Origin: White Zombie, 1932
  • Special Abilities: No reaction to pain
  • Speed: Walkers
  • Presence of a Cure: Yes (killing the voodoo leader)
  • Weakness: They have no free will as they're being controlled by voodoo
  • How to Kill: Stop the voodoo leader or maim the zombies

#10 Zombie Type: Audio

  • Zombie Origin: Pontypool, 2008
  • Special Abilities: Infection spreads through hearing a certain word
  • Speed: Walkers
  • Presence of a Cure: Yes (trick yourself into believing your trigger word means something else)
  • Weakness: They projectile vomit and appear to die after not passing on the infection or eating a victim
  • How to Kill: Head trauma, possibly starvation


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We hope that you feel even more informed than you had been before. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, which zombies would you prefer to face? Are there any zombies that would make you want to hop onto a spaceship and head to the moon? (We're looking at you, T-virus zombies! The murder of crows from Resident Evil: Extinction is about as nope as it gets.) In any case, we hope you're as excited as we are about watching the new Zombieland sequel. We hope to get more zombie-fighting nuggets of wisdom from Columbus and Tallahassee. If you're looking to join the horde, check out these zombie costumes.

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