How Well Do You Know These Iconic Film Villains? [Quiz]

How Well Do You Know These Iconic Film Villains?

What transforms a character from your run-of-the-mill antagonist to an iconic villain? If a baddie has staying power, you know it. They've got the most quotable lines, the most dramatic entrances, and the best capes. An exceptional villain will not only make a movie but they can make a franchise. Where would Star Wars be without Darth Vader's heavy breathing? And why would we care about Harry Potter if he weren't destined to confront the most powerful dark wizard in the world? Let's face it: we, as humans, love drama. And the villains are the ones making all sorts of trouble tea to spill. Why wouldn't we prefer the characters that are making us sit on the edge of our seats, tuck up our legs, and shiver?

Movie buffs usually know all about the budget, opening night numbers, and behind the scene chaos. But even a movie buff might not know much about the nefarious characters that make sure a blockbuster hit sticks with you long after the credits roll. Perhaps you can prove us wrong. If you feel like you've got the low-down on the scoundrels of the silver screen then this quiz is for you. With questions about all sorts of characters from Hitchcock's antiheroes to a certain famous fava bean fan, you'll find your depth of knowledge is challenged in all sorts of delightful ways.'d it go? Are you feeling like an evil genius? Perhaps you are one of the few who can't be fooled and got a perfect score. If so, you almost need your own private lair and some kind of laser technology that'll let you keep the billionaires and politicians of your city on their toes. If you do decide to start channeling your inner villain, just be careful of classic villain downfalls. For instance, do not—we repeat, do not—rant about your grand plan before pulling that laser lever. That's a rookie move that will keep you in the basic villain category for good. Or you could simply avoid a villainous lifestyle and share your movie genius with the world. Everyone needs to know that you've got silver screen scoundrel smarts.

Theresa Crozier

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