Tiny Terrors: The Scariest Kids in Horror Movies [Infographic]

by |September 17, 2018
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Tiny Terrors: The Scariest Kids in Horror Movies

Children and horror movies go together like bacon on cheeseburgers. They have been haunting us for the better part of a century, but what is it about scary kids in horror movies that keeps working? Is it the loss of innocence? Is it the stark contrast of appearance versus reality? Is it the scary kid drawings of ominous things children should not be drawing? Whatever the case may be, children continue be some of the scariest elements in horror movies. With this in mind, we put together an infographic that analyzes some of the scariest children in horror movies in chronological order.

There is quite an abundance of children in horror movies now, so we set a few ground rules. We’re only including children that are an “evil” element in the movie, so children like Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense and Carol Anne from Poltergeist aren’t included. (The Grady Sisters from The Shining are debatable, but they’re so iconic that we had to include them!) Also, we’re only listing kids so we’re not including the baby from Rosemary’s Baby or Esther from Orphan. (Hopefully that wasn’t too much of a spoiler, but the movie has been out long enough that horror fans should know this by now!) We hope you find some movies to add to your watch list or have more incentive to watch movies that you have been putting off!

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Tiny Terrors: The Scariest Kids in Horror Movies [Infographic]

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There are so many famous horror children that we couldn’t possibly list them all! Which horror child scares you the most? Are there any kids that need an honorable mention? Let us know what you think in the comments! Check out the offerings on your streaming services or your televisions, gather some of your favorite snacks (and maybe throw on a scary kids costume) and have yourselves a very scary movie marathon!

Infographic Designed by Cody Petersen

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