Which Cartoon Family Do You Belong To? [Quiz]

Which Cartoon Family Do You Belong To?

Every family has its ups and down. Some families are loud, fighting over little things but overcoming great obstacles. Some families only get together when it's absolutely necessary, sitting through dinner with an unnerving quiet. But we all have a dreamy part of our minds that longs for the family dynamics we see on television. We realize that those families are unrealistic, their conversations written by screenwriters. And you know that charming little brother was cast by a production team! So why not take those unrealistic dreams to a whole new level with this quiz? You'll find out exactly which cartoon family would welcome you with open arms. No illustration required! 

Do you feel like you're a part of something bigger? Maybe you're ready to pose for a family portrait or paint yourself yellow. Or perhaps you didn't like your answer? (Gasp!) It's okay, just take the quiz again until you get the results you were hoping for. Because this is cartoon make believe and you're totally allowed to choose your own family! Like your results? Lucky you, time is precious. Share your cartoon fam with your social media fam or in the comments below!

Theresa Crozier

Theresa spends most of her time binge listening to horror podcasts while trying to get her time machine to work. Does she know there won't be podcasts in the Victorian era?