What Sexy Costume is Your State in 2022? [Infographic]

by |September 18, 2023
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What Sexy Costume is Your State?

As everyone knows, Halloween is the one night of the year when adults are allowed to let loose. Sometimes that entails going all-out on Halloween with decorations, excellent costumes, and a big party. On the other hand, some people enjoy wearing sexy costumes and letting out their inner party animals! We were curious to see which sexy costumes people bought, so we broke down the most-ordered sexy Halloween costumes by state. Check out this graphic to find your state's most popular sexy Halloween costume!


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What Sexy Costume is Your State?


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  • Alabama: Sexy Top Gun
  • Alaska: Sexy Pirate
  • Arizona: Sexy Mad Hatter
  • Arkansas: Sexy Mad Hatter
  • California: Sexy Mad Hatter
  • Colorado: Sexy Grumpy Bear
  • Connecticut: Sexy Cupid
  • Delaware: Sexy Ninja
  • Florida: Sexy Pharaoh
  • Georgia: Sexy Hippie
  • Hawaii: Sexy Dalmatian
  • Idaho: Sexy Scottish Kilt
  • Illinois: Sexy Vampire
  • Indiana: Sexy Red Riding Hood
  • Iowa: Sexy Astronaut
  • Kansas: Sexy Boxer
  • Kentucky: Sexy Mad Hatter
  • Louisiana: Sexy Christmas Elf
  • Maine: Sexy Top Gun
  • Maryland: Sexy Vampire
  • Massachusetts: Sexy Football Uniform
  • Michigan: Sexy Priest
  • Minnesota: Sexy Prisoner
  • Mississippi: Sexy Boxer
  • Missouri: Sexy Mad Hatter
  • Montana: Sexy Leia
  • Nebraska: Sexy Pirate
  • Nevada: Sexy Referee
  • New Hampshire: Sexy Mad Hatter
  • New Jersey: Sexy Vampire
  • New Mexico: Sexy Poison Ivy
  • New York: Sexy Studio Disco
  • North Carolina: Sexy Referee
  • North Dakota: Pretty Woman
  • Ohio: Sexy Grumpy Bear
  • Oklahoma: Sexy Pretty Woman
  • Oregon: Sexy Birds of War
  • Pennsylvania: Sexy Birds of War
  • Rhode Island: Sexy Poison Ivy
  • South Carolina: Sexy Wilma Flintstone
  • South Dakota: Sexy Velma
  • Tennessee: Sexy Alien
  • Texas: Sexy Mrs. Claus
  • Utah: Sexy Grumpy Bear
  • Vermont: Sexy Santa Claus
  • Virginia: Sexy Mad Hatter
  • Washington: Sexy Dalmatian
  • West Virginia: Sexy Red Riding Hood
  • Wisconsin: Sexy Hippie
  • Wyoming: Sexy Fembot


We hope you enjoyed snooping on everyone's favorite sexy costumes by state. Did the Birds of War costume from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia surprise you for Pennsylvania? What about Wyoming ordering Austin Powers' Fembot costumes? What do you think needs to be a sexy costume? We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments. New costumes always come in, so check back to see what's new at HalloweenCostumes.com!

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