16 Free Printable Valentines for Kids [Printables]

by |February 7, 2018
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16 Free Printable Valentines for Kids

Every year kids are handing out super cute Valentines that really creative moms come up with. Well darn it, we thought we’d help you be that mom this year! These super cute FREE printable Valentine's Day treat bag toppers are perfect to show that you can be the crafty mom. It’s a great collection of all the trending shows like Pete the Cat, Shimmer and Shine, Paw Patrol and so much more. Each one comes with the cutest puns for printable Valentine cards that are sure to make the kids smile. While these are meant to be for treat bag toppers if you’re the last minute type, no need to panic, these could also pass for Valentine’s Day cards printed out from the comfort of your own home the night before!


Marvel Comics Valentines

Marvel Printable Valentines

"Have a Marvel-ous Valentine’s Day!"


My Little Pony Valentines

My Little Pony Printable Valentines

"I’m head over hooves for you."


Harry Potter Valentines

Harry Potter Printable Valentines

"I A-dumble-dore You!"


Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars Printable Valentines

"You’re a-porg-able"


Tangled Valentines

Rapunzel Printable Valentines

"You’re my dream Valentine!"


Despicable Me Valentines

Minion Printable Valentines

"You are one in a minion!"


The Incredibles Valentines

The Incredibles Printable Valentines

"You’re Incredible!"


Shimmer and Shine Valentines

Shimmer and Shine  Printable Valentines

"You’re a gem!"


Magic School Bus Valentines

Ms. Frizzle Printable Valentines

"Ms. Frizzle wants your Valentine’s Day to sizzle"


Care Bears Valentines

Care Bears Printable Valentines

"I Care-a-Lot about you!"


Ferdinand Valentines

Ferdinand the Bull  Printable Valentines

"You’re the sweetest, that’s no bull!"


Garfield Valentines

Garfield Printable Valentines

"I pick you over Mondays!"


Ice Age Valentines

Scrat Printable Valentines

"I (heart) U"


Pete the Cat Valentines

Pete the Cat Printable Valentines

"You’re one Groovy Valentine"


Paw Patrol Valentines

Paw Patrol Printable Valentines

"You’re pup-tacular"


Frozen Valentines

Olaf Printable Valentines

"You are worth melting for"


Printable Valentines

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Page 1

2018 Printable Valentine 01

Marvel Comics, My Little Pony, Harry Potter, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Page 2

2018 Printable Valentine 02

Tangled, Despicable Me, The Incredibles, Shimmer and Shine

Page 3

2018 Printable Valentines 03

Ice Age, Pete the Cat, Paw Patrol, Frozen

Page 4

2018 Printable Valentine 04

Magic School Bus, Care Bears, Ferdinand, Garfield



Now that you have the perfect Valentine’s Day card, you need to select the perfect treat. Some ideas we came up with are candy (obviously), a small toy, or even a small Playdoh. Grab your Valentine’s treat and put them into cellophane treat bags. Fold the card in half and secure the 2 sides together closing the top of the bag. Voila, that’s it! Easy-peasy! And for that extra cute factor, have your kid deliver them in a fun costume!


Your kids will love these cute Valentine’s Day treat bags so much you’ll be the most rocking mom or dad around! With so many options there is sure to be a fan favorite. What are your favorite printable Valentines? We want to hear from you on how these turned out so comment below and link to a photo on your social media!

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