These 4th of July Outfits and Costumes Will Make You Feel Perfectly Patriotic [Costume Guide]

by |June 25, 2021

These 4th of July Outfits and Costumes will Make You Feel Perfectly Patriotic

The 4th of July. Independence Day. The day that America celebrates its inception. You probably have a few grill-outs and get-togethers lined up. Maybe plans for parades, boating, or a concert, or any other number of awesome activities. But at the bare minimum, we’re sure you at least have plans to watch the big fireworks show at night. With a full day of activities, though, we have to ask…do you have your outfit picked out? And have you ever considered really—really—showing off your patriotism by rocking some 4th of July apparel or a USA costume?

We think it’s a really great decision to show off the stars and stripes with a 4th of July outfit, and of course we also have plenty of great patriotic costume options to add some festivity to your holiday. So go all out this 4th and display your patriotism. You’ll be star-spangled glad you did! If you’d like to know where to start, just check out some of these America costumes to see if any of them are something you’d like to wear this Independence Day!


4th of July Outfits and Suits

4th of July Outfits and Suits

Suitmeister USA Suit for AdultsBoys' Suitmeister USA SuitSuitmeister Summer USA SuitSuitmeister Fireworks Suit
Women's Flag DressStars and Stripes Dress for TeensTipsy Elves USA JumpsuitStars and Stripes Onesie

Anyone looking for unapologetically American apparel for the 4th of July is going to want clothing with bold, patriotic stars and stripes. And whether you’re the grillmaster at the backyard barbeque or the maestro leading the fireworks show, there’s one outfit that’s really going to make you stand out from the crowd: a Fourth of July suit! We have super sweet suit choices from Suitmeister that feature star-spangled prints with red, white, and blue designs! These patriotic suits for men, women and children are real suits, and they're sure to be a classy upgrade to your usual holiday attire. You can also find American flag dresses, jumpsuits, and onesies! 4th of July clothes like these simply can't be beat! Also, unlike any 4th of July costumes, you can absolutely wear your American-themed clothes outside the holiday limits.


Patriotic Costumes

Patriotic Costumes

Adult George Washington CostumeGeorge Washington Costume for KidsAdult Betsy Ross CostumeBetsy Ross Costume for Kids
Adult Thomas Jefferson CostumeJohn Adams Costume for KidsAbigail Adams Costume for KidsAdult Abigail Adams Costume

If you're marching in the 4th of July parade, consider dressing up as the people who founded this country. We have a variety of costumes that celebrate the earliest Americans: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abigail Adams, and Betsy Ross. Plus, these costumes are available for adults and kids, so everyone can show off their American spirit!


America Costumes

America Costumes

Uncle Sam CostumeEagle Costume for KidsAdult Statue of Liberty CostumeStatue of Liberty Costume for Kids
Rosie the Riveter CostumeCaptain America Costume for AdultsWomen's Captain America CostumeUncle Sam Costume for Pets

Here are more options for that 4th of July parade! Because there’s one extra special character that everyone’s going to be expecting to see: Uncle Sam! Well, we want you to suit up in an Uncle Sam costume this Fourth! We have plenty of other styles that are perfectly patriotic, too, like the Statue of Liberty and Rosie the Riveter. We even have Captain America costumes for super-celebrations and an Uncle Sam costume for pets!


Hot Dog Costumes

Funny Hot Dog Costumes

Hot Dog Costume for AdultsRealistic Hot Dog CostumeBaby Hot Dog Bunting CostumeCorn Dog Costume

Full stop. You didn’t think we’d forget about the most important part of the 4th of July, did you? Nothing says the 4th like grilling and eating hot dogs, so why not go as a hot dog! (Or you could always try a cheeseburger costume. We won't judge.) We have wiener and bun costumes for adults, children, and even babies, so that everyone can get in on the amazing hot dog action. Use one of these hot dog costumes to add some lighthearted fun to whatever Independence Day activities you have planned!


Star-Spangled Accessories

4th of July Accessories

Uncle Sam HatPlastic Patriotic Top HatAmerican Flag Cape SocksUncle Sam Face Mask
Statue of Liberty TiaraStatue of Liberty TorchUSA Fanny PackStars and Stripes Bandana

Don’t forget the 4th of July bling. We have plenty of patriotic costume accessories that are sure to make your regular old outfit extra super-duper patriotic. Top off your sundress with some Lady Liberty accessories, or pair your favorite polo shirt with a patriotic fanny pack and American Flag socks. Because when you’ve got some star-spangled accessories on, whatever you wear is going to be extra U-S-A!


Well, there you have it. All of the awesome USA costumes that you can use to fully enhance your 4th of July experience. We hope these selections give you an excellent starting point when creating your incredible individual display of patriotism this Independence Day. Take a look at our entire selection 4th of July costumes to choose your style, and get ready for the best Independence Day ever!

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