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Joe Vampire is the evil HR guy at the company.  He once trained people in the art of phlebotomy but that’s not how he got his pseudonym.  He's not quite sure how it was bestowed upon him, as a matter of fact.  Because he’s in HR, and therefore has no friends, he retreats into a world of horror movies, video games, beards, beers, bears, black metal, and playing guitar for Old Towne Ghosts.

Captain Kirk Pick-Up Lines

by |May 16, 2013
Categories: Humor

Oh no.  No!  Nonononono.

I’m really the one that has to do this?  Really?


Hi everyone, it’s Joe from HR again.  If I had any sort of professional credibility to begin with, it would be gone by the end of this post.  Why?  Because I helped to facilitate this: a collection of the filthiest pickup lines that Captain Kirk could (and would!) use to bed yet another hot, green alien.


Yvonne Craig Star Trek Alien

Only included for reference, obviously. [Source]



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We Went to C2E2: Costume Pic Roundup

by |May 13, 2013
Categories: Conventions

The Guild at C2E2

Things have changed quite a bit since the last time I wrote for the blog.  For one thing, I no longer make my living by hiding under a bridge and collecting tolls from frightened peasants as they attempt to pass. Granted, a lot of that has to do with the fact that the city demolished my bridge...

Luckily, recognized my ability to strike fear into the heart of my fellow man and I’m now the HR guy.  Wait…What?  Oh well, as long as my cruel reign...

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