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Theresa spends most of her time binge listening to horror podcasts while trying to get her time machine to work. Does she know there won't be podcasts in the Victorian era?

Travel-Friendly Halloween Costumes

There's nothing more exciting than packing up your bags for a brand-new adventure! Sure, you're organizing your whole life into a transportable, soft-sided suitcase, but it can be pretty exciting rolling up your t-shirts, securing your travel toothbrush, fitting your shoes together just so. Oh, gee, now we're getting excited. Put your charger in a place you can find it, triple check that your passport is ready, and oh, don’t forget to pack your travel snacks! Who knows what is going to happen on your wild adventure? Who knows what kind of people you’re going to meet? The world is your oyster and this oyster just happens to be jam packed with costume opportunities.


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