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Batman Glasses

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Batman Glasses
Batman Glasses
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Sunglasses w/ Forehead Piece
  • Plastic frames have smoky lenses, Batman logo on temple piece
  • Forehead piece shaped like top of Batman's hood w/ ears
  • Officially licensed
  • NOTE: does not provide actual UV sun protection
  • Does provide secret identity protection, though
We know what you're asking: Why would Batman need sunglasses if he only fights crime at night, and what kind of sunglasses would he even wear? These are both valid questions. First thing's first, Batman needs sunglasses because he's Batman and he prepares for everything. Simple as that! To answer your second question, he wears experimental Waynetech frames that block UV rays and harness their solar energy to power an illusion field that actually makes the wearer appear even cooler to onlookers than they really do. Naturally, the frames also have bat ears on them.

Okay, we admit that we have no idea what kind of sunglasses the Dark Knight cruises around Gotham in, but we can't be that far off. The closest thing we can think of to what his real shades must look like are these official Batman Glasses. The dark lenses and frame shaped like Batman's cowl and ears will keep your secret identity safe while prowling for the Joker and other evil-doers. Just don't wear these while driving the Batmobile at night, we're almost positive he has a whole different set of glasses for that.

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