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Halloween is often about turning into amazing monsters and strange beings. But, the world is filled with fantastic real creatures of all shapes and sizes, too! Bring your favorites to life with our animal costumes. We have plus size animal costumes for adults and a purr-fectly astonishing selection of women's animal Halloween costumes, ranging from the ferocious felines to stunning sharks. What's your favorite animal today!?
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Men's Realistic Deer Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Trophy Head Oh Deer Costume
Dashing Deer Costume Adult
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Deer Costume
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Plus Size Deer Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size Plush Reindeer Costume
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Sale - 38%
Men's Sexy Deer Costume
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Made By Us Exclusive

Everyone has an inner power animal hidden inside. Which one is yours? Are you a monkey, swinging from tree to tree in search of adventure? Are you a frog on a log, just chilling and waiting for his dinner to fly by? Are you a dog, loyal to the end? Are you a cute little lady bug looking for love? Or maybe, your power animal is a giant, slobbering dinosaur: the apex predator of the universe, which eats lions, tigers and bears for breakfast and tramples through the jungle like a terrifying force of nature! Well, whatever you claim to be your inner animal, you can start acting like it with one of our animal costumes for adults. We won’t judge, we swear.

We’ve got all the aforementioned animals in their costume form, but we also have plenty of styles and fits, so you can find just the right look to unleash the party animal inside you. From plus size, to small and sexy to conservative, these costumes can accommodate just about any body type and intention. Whether you want to be a sexy deer in headlights, or a wacky crocodile, we’re confident you can find the animal costume that you’re looking for…unless you want to be an ancient psychic tandem war elephant. We’ve got the normal elephant costume, but none of those yet. Monster