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Western Sunglasses with Monocle

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Western Sunglasses with Monocle
Western Sunglasses with Monocle
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Sunglasses
  • Black plastic frames
  • Black plastic handlebar mustache attached with metal chain
  • Pink monocle attached at lense
  • Mini bowler hat attached to top of frames

Going for a goofy western look this Halloween? Or maybe more of a laid-back fancy-pants type vibe? Well, when you throw on a pair of these Western Sunglasses you can look like the goofiest fancy-pants in all of the Wild West!! This accessory even comes with a mini bowler hat and a monocle to add a hint of class to your outfit. For a dash of fun, there is a handlebar mustache hanging from a pair of chains connected to the frames of these spectacles!

Now you can thoughtfully stroke your plastic stash whilst you ponder your next gamble at the poker table or perhaps while you put together your rebuttal in a heated political discussion. Make sure to be a gentleman whenever ladies enter the room by tipping your hat and greeting them with a hardy 'Howdy'! With this playful pair of fancy specs, you are sure to be the most high-brow jokester at the party this Halloween!

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