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Sometimes, it’s a little more fun to be bad! If collecting every coin you can sounds like a good time, then a Wario costume might be perfect for you. Whether you’re preparing for a Nintendo-themed Halloween or building the perfect Wario cosplay, we have the costumes and accessories you need. Take a break from being the good guy and try on a Wario hat and mustache instead!
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Adult Wario Deluxe Costume
Kids Wario Deluxe Costume
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Mushroom Damsel Purse
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Wario Flex Fit Cap
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Nintendo fans were surprised to see that Mario had some kind of evil doppelganger named Wario, but we think the more surprising thing is that we all sort of love him! He's big, he's bad, he's gleefully maniacal and has inspired some great games. If you're in this camp, and we think you might be since you're here, you're going to love our selection of Wario costumes. Pair up with Waluigi and be the bad guys this season, or just go it alone and show those plumber brothers who's really king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Monster